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T3A News » The Ridder Clan Mod's High Elven Castle

Posted July 23, 2014. By Ridder Geel | View Comments

Hello Ridder Clan Mod Fans (and others),


Today I am happy to share with you guys the castle we made for the High Elves for the BFME 1 Mode of the Ridder Clan Mod!

Simply follow the link to go to our official news post in the Ridder Clan Mod's part of the forums and take a look at the short video we made!


Press here to read more about this new feature in the Ridder Clan Mod!


Feel free to comment and give suggestions in the topic above!


-Ridder Geel

T3A News » The Ridder Clan Mod's Elven Create-a-Character

Posted April 15, 2014. By Ridder Geel | View Comments

Hey Ridder Clan Mod Fans (and other The 3rd Age dwellers),


Finally a new Create-a-Character class is here for the Ridder Clan Mod!

Using all the new pieces we have added on the Elven CaC you can make 39200000 unique combinations!

(Disclaimer: The actual number may be slightly larger or smaller, don't take my word for it, i may have miscounted due to the immense amount of parts!)


For a sneak preview of several of the outfits take a look at the post made by Valaquenta here!


To make it even more interesting Val shows off an interesting feature for the Elves in one of the pictures, see if you can find out what it is!


Feel free to comment and give us suggestions!


-Ridder Geel & Valaquenta

T3A News » 13-04-'14: T3A:Online Steam Groups

Posted April 13, 2014. By Mathijs | View Comments

Good afternoon friends,

In order to provide greater support for the social aspect of our BFME servers, we've decided to create Steam groups for them. 

Using these groups allows you to: 

- Chat with other group members, even when you're in-game (shift+tab) 
- Create private chats with group members. 
- Voice chat with group members. 
- Quickly see if there are people looking for games. 

All you have to do is add Battle for Middle-earth to your Steam Library. Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. 

We've created a group for both BFME1 and BFME2, called T3A:Online BFME1 and T3A:Online BFME2. Just search for them on Steam and join us!


The T3A:Online Team




Lone Wolf Updates » Return of Shadow

Posted December 31, 2013. By Radspakr Wolfbane | View Comments


Return of Shadow


After more than 7 years I am finally dropping the Lone Wolf title for this mod and changing it officially to Return of Shadow.

It's time for a change and the old Lone Wolf name is no longer right for this project since it's no longer just me working on it.

This is something that's been gradually coming for a while now.

The transition


With Beta 0.15 I'm essentially finalising the transition between the old Lone Wolf and the new Return of Shadow.

I'll be making a gradual transition over the coming weeks to the new Return of Shadow.

That means unfortunately my long faithful wolf logo is getting retired and there'll be some new banners, signatures and promo designs coming that are similar to the Age of the Rings style and match the mod's UI more closely.

Beta 0.15



Beta 0.15 has been pushed back to the 5th of January.

Beta 0.15 of course adds Dunland but also many new balance changes and also serves as a lead up to Beta 0.2.

Lorien has received a lot of work since Patch 0.145 rebalancing them and fixing some issues.

With Beta 0.15 the first 5 factions will essentially be done.

The beta will come with around 7 new maps and updates to existing maps.

Thrain's Vale, Vale of Wulf, Northern Dunland, Wilderland Plains, Glanduin (by Fredius) and Helcaraxe (by MattTheLegoman).



Since I'm making big changes and announcements.

Return of Dawn AKA Lone Wolf 2 is once again cancelled but it maybe revived in the future if I can find an ideal coder to port it.

Age of the Rings/Beta 0.999 has also been cancelled so that I can better focus on Return of Shadow.

Age of Numenor is currently on ice, not entirely dead but not a priority, work is done on it occasionally but since it's a submod of Return of Shadow once the prerequisite work has been done I can finish it.

Chocolate and Onslaught are being pushed back a bit further to allow me to focus on Dunland and Rivendell but I'm looking at releasing at least one of those with the patch after 0.2.

Through the shadows and onto the future.


I'd like to thank everyone who has supported my efforts with this mod and especially those who've worked on it and stuck around for a long time.

I look forward to keeping things going into the future with Return of Shadow.

I also hope to interact more with you guys and get some discussions.

If you have ideas and suggestions, want to share feedback, report bugs and balance issues or just want to talk about all things Return of Shadow be sure to join in on the conversation because the more people who take part the more interesting things are.

2014 should be a big year and with the new year upon us I think it's a perfect time to shake things up.


T3A News » Shadow and Flame BETA 0.610 RELEASED

Posted October 23, 2013. By Mathijs | View Comments

Good afternoon friends,


Today we've released SaF BETA 0.610.


This version brings a handful of new content and balance changes to the Gundabad faction.


To install, please use the SaF updater utility that came with version 0.6. To find it, simply navigate to Start -> Programs -> Shadow and Flame. If for some arcane reason you cannot find it, download it from here. Running the updater will automatically patch your 0.6 install to 0.610.


Note that this update does NOT include any of the announced changes to the original factions. 


We intend to release another update containing some more balance changes/additions within a few weeks. After that, we will fully commit to the original factions.


Thanks and have fun playing


~ The Shadow and Flame Team

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