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T3A News » The Ridder Clan Mod's Elven Create-a-Character

Posted April 15, 2014. By Ridder Geel | View Comments

Hey Ridder Clan Mod Fans (and other The 3rd Age dwellers),


Finally a new Create-a-Character class is here for the Ridder Clan Mod!

Using all the new pieces we have added on the Elven CaC you can make 39200000 unique combinations!

(Disclaimer: The actual number may be slightly larger or smaller, don't take my word for it, i may have miscounted due to the immense amount of parts!)


For a sneak preview of several of the outfits take a look at the post made by Valaquenta here!


To make it even more interesting Val shows off an interesting feature for the Elves in one of the pictures, see if you can find out what it is!


Feel free to comment and give us suggestions!


-Ridder Geel & Valaquenta

T3A News » 13-04-'14: T3A:Online Steam Groups

Posted April 13, 2014. By Mathijs | View Comments

Good afternoon friends,

In order to provide greater support for the social aspect of our BFME servers, we've decided to create Steam groups for them. 

Using these groups allows you to: 

- Chat with other group members, even when you're in-game (shift+tab) 
- Create private chats with group members. 
- Voice chat with group members. 
- Quickly see if there are people looking for games. 

All you have to do is add Battle for Middle-earth to your Steam Library. Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. 

We've created a group for both BFME1 and BFME2, called T3A:Online BFME1 and T3A:Online BFME2. Just search for them on Steam and join us!


The T3A:Online Team




T3A News » T3A:Online for BFME2 Is Here!

Posted April 2, 2014. By Mathijs | View Comments






Hello everyone! Today is a big day for the BFME2 community.

Ever since the EA's BFME2 servers were taken offline, 

we and many other BFME2 fans have been waiting and wishing for the servers to return.

Wait no more!


As promised, we are releasing BFME2 server support!


Ever since we released T3A:Online for BFME1, we have been bombarded by people asking us if and when we would release it for BFME2.

All you need to do is download and install the client, create an online account over at our forums, and you'll be all set to log into the servers.






WHAT DOES T3A:Online for BFME2 DO?

  • It restores BFME2's online functionality
  • It eliminates the need for third party software (such as Hamachi or GameRanger)
  • It is compatible with all mods and game patches (provided the person you're playing is using the same game version)
  • It features a working buddy system


  • It does not have the quickmatch system (yet).
  • It does not support stats or ladders (yet).


  • A clean version of BFME2, preferably patched to 1.06 (the last official patch EA released). 
  • A Revora forum account (the name you choose becomes your T3A:Online account name)
  • A special password set in your Revora account settings (the password you choose will become your T3A:Online password. It should be unique and not used anywhere else)


  • We are working on RotWK, no release date yet.



For our official T3A:Online BFME2 forums, go here.


For a complete guide on installation, please refer to the website:

If you are experiencing difficulties, please refer to our support forums:


Have fun playing!

T3A News » 01-02-'14 T3A:Online News: Rules and Conduct Reminder

Posted February 1, 2014. By Mathijs | View Comments

Hello all,
We would like to remind everyone of the importance of treating fellow players, both old and new, properly.
This is a small community, and if we want to be playing BFME in the years to come, we need to all be kind and supportive to new players. Everybody, even the old veterans, has had to start somewhere. If you're in a game with someone who you feel is performing badly, don't abuse them or be otherwise hateful. Instead, why not offer some tips so they can improve?
As a reminder, know that we will not hesitate to ban people who are excessively abusive to other players.
Thanks and have fun,
The T3A:Online Team

Lone Wolf Updates » Return of Shadow News Wrap up 14-01-14

Posted January 14, 2014. By Radspakr | View Comments

News wrap up.


Beta 0.155 is slated for the 17th of January which is only 3 days away.


News article with details of Beta 0.155 including some information on Dunland 2.0 Part 1 which will start to introduce a few changes to Dunland.

Check it out here.


The launcher has gotten a major overhaul since Beta 0.15 with a lot of being streamlined and automated.

You will no longer have to set your game irectory manually the launcher will handle that even for custom directories.

The launcher will also automatically check that, first the game is installed and then if you have patched the game to 1.03, if you haven't patched it will automatically run the game's patch checker it will also check if you have T3A online installed and adjust accordingly.

I've added the Game mode code to the main menu and removed the Starting menu so everything is handled from the one menu.

Added a new game mode help option to the launcher "gmhelp".


Adding 3 new Game Modes:

  1. noheroes which removes all buildable heroes.
  2. gollumwars which removes all buildable heroes and gives each faction 5 Gollums to build
  3. gollzilla which replaces the final spell for each faction with the massive Gollzilla.


I've created a Google doc for users to post bugs found here.

If enough bugs are reported by the 17th I'll reveal some juicy information on future plans for Return of Shadow.


A new map is coming for Beta 0.155

Overbourn Marshes



2 Progress shots of the new map in the works for Beta 0.2

Lower Methedras



Step 2






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