The 3rd Age

Ghosts of Arnor v0.35

Ghosts of Arnor v0.35

A RotWK mod that adds Arnor, splits Gondor and Rohan, improves the Inn/CaH system, and adds heroes

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CSF Editor

Download for Battle for Middle-earth BFME

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Category: Software
Created: Thursday March 29, 2007 - 11:05
Updated: Sunday April 5, 2015 - 17:21
Views: 5795
Summary: A program that will enable you to edit/add strings to BFME 1.


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A program that will enable you to edit/add strings to BFME 1. Strings are basically the text you see within the game. This is needed if you plan on adding new units or changing the names of existing ones.

Note: BFME 2 uses STR files instead of CSF files. They can be edited with any text editor, like notepad.

Links / Downloads

CSF Files - Explanations2115March 30, 2007 - 19:29
CSF Editor2997March 29, 2007 - 11:05




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Echo - Friday August 19, 2011 - 20:03

Link isn't working

Vleydwyyn - Saturday July 2, 2011 - 15:29

Works great for me.

Prolong - Saturday July 24, 2010 - 17:04

This is really a very poor CSF Editor. Routinely loses all or part of long strings when saving. (Also it's easy to accidentally delete strings yourself, among other issues.) I can't recommend against using this strongly enough.

A better alternative would be XCCMixer - a much worse user interface but at least it actually works in that it doesn't lose your strings. Still not terribly good, but way better than this "Generals" editor. Note that neither program can handle the full range of UTF-8 which is a severe limitation an makes both unacceptable for me. Unfortunately I haven't found a better program for CSF files than XCCMixer.

Yarrum - Sunday August 9, 2009 - 18:48


Scroll down a bit to find it.

Neutron4ever - Thursday November 27, 2008 - 20:20

The link isn't working. Can someone re-upload or give me another link? Because I really need this tool

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