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Power Of The Ring 3 : Campaigns Of Middle Earth

Power Of The Ring 3 :  Campaigns Of Middle Earth

Contains BFME1 Campaigns : Based on Power Of The Ring

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» BFME1 Patch 1.06 in Traditional Chinese -

Posted July 14, 2017. By | View Comments



Lone Wolf Updates » Return of Shadow 9th faction revealed

Posted March 10, 2015. By Radspakr Wolfbane | View Comments


Battle of the 9 Armies


Wait that's not right...
Well you get the idea.
The 9th faction will be Erebor, faction of the shaving adversed.

Erebor has been the faction I've wanted to release most but at the same time it has always been the faction with the largest workload.
Finally Erebor has started progressing enough to be released in the nearish future.


Erebor are a powerhouse infantry faction fielding a large number of strong infantry units for both attack and defence.
Familiar faces will make up the hero list like Gimli, Gloin, Dwalin and King Dain Ironfoot.
Via the spell store other dwarf heroes will also be making an appearance such as Thorin Oakenshield and his ill fated companions.

Breaking with tradition Erebor won't be coming alone they'll be released at the same time as the Strongholds.







Lone Wolf Updates » Return of Shadow Beta 0.2 released

Posted February 5, 2015. By Radspakr Wolfbane | View Comments


Return of Shadow Beta 0.2

Download Link


Rivendell is now finally available for play without having to use a game mode code.
The mod now has 7 factions available.
Rivendell plays differently from the other factions it uses a good variety of strong units culminating in some powerful elite units with exclusive upgrades.
As well as the support unit the Lightbearer that can be upgraded to use either Healing, Defensive of Offensive spells.



Beta 0.2 is the first full version release since Beta 0.15 and has a new file structure and updated launcher.
The file size has been reduced as well by trimming as much fat as possible bringing the current size down to 2.5gb from somewhere around 4gb.

A new optional addon is coming soon that will change the look of the game slightly to give a more cinematic look.
The UI has an updated look to match the Return of Shadow theme, even the launcher has been tweaked to match it.

Check out roschangelist.txt for a full list of changes.
Beta 0.2 also includes a small hotfix 0.21 that fixes a few issues I noticed while I was slowly uploading the Beta (it took me about a week to do so).

An installer and old version uninstaller is planned to be released later today.

You can also read the updated manual from the download section.






Lone Wolf Updates » Rohan 3.0

Posted May 22, 2013. By Radspakr Wolfbane | View Comments

I've made some changes to Rohan's heroes to better streamline things.

This is pretty much the third hero change since LWR started.

Work is already under way on these changes and most have already been coded in.


Dunhere will no longer be buildable via the Eastfold spell unlock instead he's getting moved but more on that later.

Theodred is also being killed once more and will no longer be a regular hero he'll stay in the code maybe for maps.


This removes one hero each from the Westfold and Eastfold spells.



I also updated some of the hero roles and purposes.


Helm - Early hero summon/creep hunter

Eowyn - Early hero,creep/monster hunter

Hama - Early game melee hero

Gamling - Early game, ranged hero

Grimbold - Tank/support

Elfhelm - Undecided

Eomer - Mid game support

Erkenbrand - Support

Theoden - Late game support.



Hama, Gamling, Elfhelm and Grimbold no longer start with mount instead gaining it at level 4.

Eomer, Theoden, Erkenbrand, Hama, Gamling, Elfhelm and Grimbold will all get new skills.



Level 1 - Weapon Toggle - toggles between Sword and Sword and Shield - He is slightly slower and more armoured when shielded.

Level 3 - True Sight - grants a vision boost to nearby troops

Level 6 - True Strike - Melee attack.

Level 4 - Mount



Level 1 - Weapon Toggle - toggles between Sword and Bow

Level 3 - True Range - Grants a range boost to nearby Archers

Level 6 - True Shot - Fires a powerful ranged attack.

Level 4 - Mount



Level 1 - Horse Lord - Provides 10% speed, Crush decel improvement, 90% Knockback resistance, +50% armour and resource from kills for nearby Cavalry.

Level 3 - Spear Throw

Level 5 - Fearless Charge - Eomer gains crush decel buff, armour and speed buff.

Level 8 - Ride for Ruin - Stuns nearby enemies (kind of like a cross between horn and elendil)




Level 1 - Reactive Defence - When attacked Grimbold has a chance to gain a short burst of defence.
Level 5 - Captain of the Westfold - Provides an armour bonus to nearby Westfold Shieldbearers
Level 7 - Shield Wall - Nearby Westolf Shieldbearers become immobile but gain a large armour boost
Level 4 - Mount 




Level 1 - Reactive Defence - When attacked Elfhelm has a chance to gain a short burst of defence.

Level 5 - Marshal of the Eastmark - Provides a damage buff to nearby Footmen and Door Wardens

Level 7 - Valiant Defenders - Elfhelm and nearby Footmen,Westfold Shields and Bowmen gain fear immunity and armour at the cost of speed.

Level 4 - Mount




Level 1 - Red Shield Smash - A strong melee attack that stuns the target.

Level 3 - Lord of the Westfold - leadership - Provides 60% armour,+150% attack,fear resist and kb resistance

Level 5 - Red Shield Defence - Erkenbrand gains a short defence boost (renamed Red Shield)

Level 7 - Westfold Guard - Summons a horde of Westfold Shieldbearers



Level 1 - King of the Riddermark - Provides an experience,attack,fear resist and armour boost.

Level 4 - Glorious Charge

Level 6 - King's Favour - grants targeted units experience.

Valour of the Rohirrim - Channeling skill that summons heroes over time and makes Theoden immune to damage during it's duration.


Valour of the Rohirrim Notes:

Summons 4 heroes over time that each are different.

  1. Guthlaf - Theoden's herald - Provides fear immunity and extra experience gain for nearby units.
  2. Horn - Defensive fighter tough to take down.
  3. Harding - Strong fighter can do good amount of damage.
  4. Dunhere - Fighter skilled at disabling enemies.

Another change is some of the heroes will be changing animations and in some cases getting some touch ups on their skins.


All these changes will be Public Beta 0.1

Lone Wolf Updates » Big changes for Beta 0.999

Posted February 15, 2013. By Radspakr Wolfbane | View Comments

During the course of testing out Beta 0.37, Private Beta 0.9 and my current version of Beta 0.999 I've come to the conclusion that there's no way I can release an updated version of the old build and have it work smoothly or be at my newer standards.
The old build was rough and incomplete since I learned as I worked, things were left half done, ideas dropped and loose ends everywhere.
The clean up alone is a massive task which is why originally restarted the mod with LWR and I got reminded of that.
So instead I'm making some big changes to the project condensing things down and releasing a streamlined release.
The factions are being changed and condensed superfluous content removed, factions merged the new shape of this project more closely resembles my original vision for Lone Wolf with some touches of LWR.
These will be new tech tree using existing assets with some LWR stuff where needed.

Updated Factions:
Evil Men
The Deep
Dol Guldur 

Morgul elements have been merged in with Mordor.
Dunland elements in with Isengard.
Eriador is a hybrid faction of units from the Shire, Breelands, Arnor and Forochel.
Rhovanion is a hybrid faction of units from Mirkwood, Erebor, Rhovanion and Dale.
Evil Men is a hybrid faction of units from Harad and Rhun.

This is all subject to change as I'm still working on the updated tech trees but I'll release them when possible. 

With this rather major change comes the need for a new name for this project.
Instead of using Beta 0.999 which it technically no longer is I'll need a new title for it.
Just like the Resurrection project for Lone Wolf has it's 3 titles Return of Shadow, Return of Dawn and Age of Numenor.
So if you have an idea for the new title for this release like the facebook page and reply to the status with your suggestion.
Winning name will get a mystery prize.

Thirdly I'm also looking to start a little side project for BFME2 a simple mod with the Men of the West Faction split into Gondor and Rohan.
I'll donate some of my LWR assets to the project so if you are a coder looking for a start let me know.

Like on Facebook to enter a name for the contest.

Or post below.

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