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JUS_SAURON - The Power Of The Ring

JUS_SAURON - The Power Of  The Ring

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Hello, and welcome to The 3rd Age, a website and community entirely dedicated to modding the BfME series.
Whether you’re entirely new to modding BfME, or have already been modifying a few things around, this site, and the forum, is the best place to find resources and help.
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T3A News » T3A Modding Official Discord Server

Posted September 7, 2020. By Dúnedain76 | View Comments

Greetings Modders!


We've just opened up a new Discord server dedicated to T3A modding! So far the channels have been set up similarly to how they are here on the forums. We've included subchannels dedicated to the hosted mods on Revora as well as links to where the mods can be downloaded. There is also the option to give yourself dedicated roles to what expertise you might have.

You can access the server by following the link here:


Hope to see you there!

T3A News » BFME 2 / ROTWK Code Reference

Posted April 25, 2019. By Ridder Geel | View Comments

Good day Modders!


Today I present a useful tool for those writing code for BFME 2 / ROTWK.

I have created a wiki which contains all kinds of information on the different modules for use in the Object class in BFME. This should help people out with figuring out if what they want to do is even possible in the SAGE engine.

Read more about it in this topic:



The plan is to expand the wiki to contain information on more subjects than the object modules, but this all depends on what areas people would like to get more information on.

I hope this code reference will be of use to many coders!

» BFME1 Patch 1.06 in Traditional Chinese -

Posted July 14, 2017. By | View Comments


The Dwarf Holds News » The Dwarf Holds 0.75

Posted March 23, 2012. By Nertea | View Comments

Posted Image

After a lot of work, things thrown at walls and lots of time, we can finally announce that The Dwarf Holds version 0.75 is ready to download. It contains tons of new content, including new units for every faction, new spells, new heroes, new buildings - the works! It also fixes many bugs and makes balancing changes. For the full changelog see here (though it's missing a few maps). You can also have a look though the extensive manual - included with the download or available here.

Note: because we made some changes to the auto-updater, you cannot use it to update to the new version. Unfortunately, you have to download the full installer. Sorry about that!

To download, just head over to our ModDb page. We also have an alternative download on LOTR Files.

If you find and bugs that aren't listed in the manual/changelog, post them in bugs threads here. We'll address them as well as we can.

The TDH team hopes you enjoy the release!

The Dwarf Holds News » January 23rd Update: Rohan Spellbook, Part II

Posted January 23, 2012. By _Haldir_ | View Comments

Update time!

This week we'll be revealing the last of the changes to Rohan's spellbook, which also makes this the last Rohan update!

Posted Image

Replacing the now-obsolete Anduril ability as one of Rohan's tier 2 powers is Aid from Lorien. A passive power, Aid from Lorien allows the player to recruit Haldir and the Galadhrim from the Rohan Archery Range.

Posted Image

With the ability to toggle between bow and sword, the Galadhrim are the same elves you know and love - with the exception of the trample immunity offered by their sword toggle, which has been removed. Your Galadhrim can still be upgraded with heavy armour, forged blades and fire arrows; can remain stealthed amongst trees; and can be combined into a double battalion.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Also joining Rohan's hero roster is Haldir, who is buildable from the archery range once Aid from Lorien has been purchased. A resourceful and versatile warrior, Haldir is able to remain hidden amongst trees; and his rank 1 Toggle allows him to switch between bow and sword. Whilst using his bow, Haldir is also able to use his rank 1, Pinpoint Strike ability, which damages an enemy unit and reduces their speed for a short duration.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

At rank 4, Haldir gains his Elven Captain leadership ability, granting an attack and experience bonus to nearby Galadhrim. And lastly, at rank 7, is Haldir's Call Volley. When selected, Haldir fires a flaming signal arrow, which soon brings a flurry of arrows down on any unfortunate enemies within the targeted area.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

And as many of you have guessed, replacing Army of the Dead as Rohan's final spellbook power are The Three Hunters. For 10pp, you can temporarily summon, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli to the map, each with a range of unique abilities.

Firstly, each of the Three Hunters share the passive Hunter ability, which grants Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli a small boost to armour and speed whenever they are nearby either of the other hunters.

Posted Image

Aragorn gains his Knife Throw ability, which damages and reduces the armour of the targeted unit. Athelas allows Aragorn to heal his fellow hunters, as well as other friendly heroes; and Blademaster vastly increases his attack speed and damage for a short duration. A natural born leader, Aragorn's Leadership inspires surrounding troops, granting them a damage and experience bonus.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Legolas retains his Hawk Strike ability, allowing him to fire twin shots at a targeted enemy. Knife Fighter allows Legolas to temporarily switch to melee attacks, as well as granting him a boost to armour. Legolas' Train Archers grants experience to targeted units; and his Elf Eyes ability allows Legolas to reveal stealthed enemies within a targeted area.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Gimli keeps his Axe Throw ability, allowing him to take out multiple enemies at once. Donning the shield he was given by Theoden in Rohan's capital, the Buckler of Edoras grants Gimli an increase to defence, at a cost to speed. And lastly, Gimli's Dwarven Vengeance ability allows him to regain small amounts of health whilst attacking. A passive ability, it also inspires surrounding troops, providing them with a small boost.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

And that's it! Hope you enjoyed this week's update, keep your eyes peeled for a release announcement which hopefully won't be too far away!

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