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Master Hero Mod 2.1.9

Master Hero Mod 2.1.9

Enhances Visuals, provide series of modifications and additions to the game play,Support Multiplayer

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JUS_SAURON - The Power Of The Ring

Mod for Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2

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Category: Finished Mods
Created: Saturday November 21, 2009 - 19:19
Updated: Sunday October 15, 2017 - 21:58
Views: 21919
Summary: New Powers , Heroes and Units for all Factions


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This is using the -mod command
It is for BFME2 ver. 1.06


It comes with the Large Scale LOTR Map

Special Credits : Mounted Aragorn and Boromir Models: xxx

It contains New powers .New units , New Buildings

Some New Powers - Gandalf Shield Bubble

WitchKing - Summon 3 Fellbeasts

Saruman - Transform into an Orb of Fire

Elrond- Transfrom into an Orb Of Light

Balrog and Gollum playable - with New Powers

New Ring Powers for Ring Heroes

Gothmog playable and has mounted power

Gothmog Has Call of the Herd

Aragorn / Boromir mounted on a horse or on foot

Hobbits playable with enhanced powers

Treebeard powers enhanced .. Hobbits ride Treebeard

New Rohan Fortress , Theoden can Draft Peasants

New Numenorean Knights and Archers !

Special Faction units enhanced

Battle Wagon can Garrison Heroes

Nazguls on Foot , Horse , Fellbeast , RingWraith Forms !

New Plague of Death power for Mouth Of Sauron

Real Growing Forests when playing with Elves

Added Avalanche and Frozen Land Spells For Isengard

Haradrim Mini-Faction upgraded

Erupting Volcano for Mount Doom : LOTR Map

New powerful Statues

!!! All Factions Enhanced !!!

***More Stuff than in Rise Of the Phoenix***

ADDED : BFME1 Style gameplay for TWO maps , more maps to follow !

I will always Reset the HITS COUNT whenever an update is made :
Minor Updates will follow as Ideas are Coded
If Download is FAULTY , Please RE-DOWNLOAD !

Major TESTING is Finished !


Latest ver Update : 15 OCT 2017

Links / Downloads

Download677October 15, 2017 - 21:57
Isengard and Helm's Deep Skirmish Maps3675September 19, 2010 - 21:06
Pics of Mod amd Map2574January 30, 2010 - 8:14
List of some new powers1954January 16, 2010 - 23:25
Palantir Movies For mod1806January 15, 2010 - 23:20
Showcase Forum2011November 21, 2009 - 19:25


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robbiedizzle - Wednesday May 11, 2011 - 9:08

while your facts are true, go to the showcase forum and tell us how based on powers you came to this conclusion. Thanks

Incánus - Thursday May 5, 2011 - 4:04

Awsum mod!but there is one problem..Why is gandlf weaker than the witch king. Gandalf is a Maia and on the same level as Sauron..So he should be more powerful! it would also be kewl if he could mount an eagle like Gwahir the wind lord just like he does in the books..

JUS_SAURON - Monday April 25, 2011 - 19:20

BFME2 must be patched to ver 1.06
Get acquainted with using the -mod command
See the PIC for install problems
Copy the folder named MOD found in the Download to the Desktop
Copy the BFME2 shortcut Icon , then modify the Target in the properties

terfmop - Tuesday April 12, 2011 - 19:47

I've tried installing three times now and it doesnt work all the way it only edits a couple of things but none of the hero powers work and a couple of other things arnt changed but says they are. did i just do somthing wrong?


I've tried installing three times now and it doesnt work all the way it only edits a couple of things but none of the hero powers work and a couple of other things arnt changed but says they are. did i just do somthing wrong?

JUS_SAURON - Saturday October 16, 2010 - 12:59

You need to Follow the Install Directions
Unzip the File
Extract the MOD Folder to your Desktop
Copy the BFME2 Game Icon , click on properties and change the Target -mod"C:\Users\YOURCOMPNAME\Desktop\MOD"

Haroon - Monday October 11, 2010 - 17:18

I tried creating the shortcut but it didnt work, the game was just the same as the original version. I then tried manually inserting it into the BMFE2 folder and when i ran the launcher i got parse errors


Can anyone help me with the installation?

Elric - Monday October 4, 2010 - 19:11

huh lol i like your mod allot but it got messed up when i reinstalled game so now i have to download it again lol

JUS_SAURON - Monday January 11, 2010 - 18:36

Mod can work with any BFME2 ..must be patched to 1.06
Tested by a Forum member ..see Showcase Forum

yams in a can - Saturday December 12, 2009 - 10:08

Please tell me that I don't need the Collector's Edition...

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