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Hello, and welcome to The 3rd Age, a website and community entirely dedicated to modding the BfME series.
Whether you’re entirely new to modding BfME, or have already been modifying a few things around, this site, and the forum, is the best place to find resources and help.
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We hope you will have as much fun modding the BfME series as we’ve had during the past few years.

The 3rd Age Staff

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T3A News » Join us on Discord!

Posted April 26, 2017. By ICT | View Comments

Hi all. We have opened our own Discord server. It comes with channels for all our supported games and a support area to help you get your games working.


What is Discord?
"Discord is a text and voice chat service designed specifically for gamers and gaming. It comes with Steam and Twitch integration and plenty of fun features to keep you amused between games. You can run Discord from a free app (recommended) or you can just use it from your web browser. If you have Google Chrome, you can even run the voice chat directly from there. "

Join us on our Discord with this invite code:


Cheers and have fun!

~T3A:Online staff


T3A News » BFME1 Widescreen UI Fix RELEASED

Posted November 16, 2015. By Mathijs | View Comments



Good evening BFME1 players,


We are happy to announce and immediately release a fix for BFME1's stretched UI, which occurs for players using a Widescreen resolution.

The fix was developed by long-time The3rdAge modding veteran and staff member Kwen. Thanks Kwen!


This fix is intercompatible, meaning that installing it doesn't prevent you from playing with people that don't have it installed!

Together with our Patch 1.06 Widescreen Map height fix, you can now play BFME1 in proper Widescreen.




How does it work?

  1. Unpack the _aptpatch.rar file using WinRAR.
  2. Place the _aptpatch.BIG file in your BFME1 installation folder (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Battle for Middle-earth ™)
  3. Play the game without the stretched Palantir and Spellbook!

How to use a Widescreen resolution?

  1. Visit your My Battle for Middle-earth Files folder, easily accessible by typing %appdata% in the Windows Search bar.
  2. Open Options.ini and add the following line: Resolution = 1920 1080 (if you have a different widescreen resolution, type that instead)
  3. Play the game in full Widescreen!

How to play BFME1 online?

We hope you enjoy,


The3rdAge & T3A:Online Staff


Fixed UI screenshot 1

Fixed UI screenshot 2

Lone Wolf Updates » Return of Shadow Beta 0.155 Out now

Posted January 17, 2014. By Radspakr Wolfbane | View Comments


Patch 0.16

Beta 0.16 is a balance and bug patch focusing on addressing some issues with Dunland and the other 5 factions.

Fixes most of the issues with 0.155


Download Links:

Beta 0.15

Patch 0.16


Dunland 2.0 Part 1

Dunland is naturally the main focus of this patch with quite a few changes and fixes in store.
Beta 0.155 is the first half of a update to the Dunland faction.
Dunlending Javeloteers will gain Fire tipped javelots allowing them to deal additional fire damage making them more useful.
The heroes have had their costs, healths and armour adjusted after some playtesting so there will a more balanced Dunland.
Hillmen will be buildable from the external Dunland Farms once the Dunland Raids Faction Upgrade has been purchased and the Farm is at level 3 they will also reap the benefits of the Gather the Clans spell allowing Dunland more flexibility and defence against Cavalry.
Dunland's buildings are also having more work done with more visual upgrades for the 5 levels and a few improvements to the overall look of the faction's buildings.

News on the second half of the Dunland update will coming soon so keep checking in.



Rohan Updated

 Rohan are also getting a bit of attention this time around with some changes to heroes, units and spells.
The Defenders of the Westfold and Eastfold spells have been replaced with Shroud and Helm.
Helm has been moved up to tier 2 and improved accordingly, replacing Helm's old spot is a new spell Horn of Edoras which grants +150% damage for targeted allies for a short time.
With the removal of the 2 spells also comes a few changes for the heroes and units they unlock.
The Westfold Hall can now be built from the start as can Elfhelm and Grimbold.
The Eastfold Yeomen are now unlocked from the Archery Range at level 2 and the Eastfold Lancers from the Stables at level 3.

Theoden's Valour of the Rohirrim channel spell has been replaced with Royal Guards of Edoras a summon skill for level 10 that summons 3 hordes of Royal Guards for a time.
The Rohan Hall also gets a new unit in the Edoras Spearmen giving Rohan a proper anti cavalry unit whereas the Westfold Shieldmen were more of a defensive unit.



Gondor Update


Gondor got a bit of an update at the last minute with a new unit the Gondor Royal Knight an anti-cavalry cavalry unit available at the Stables after purchasing the Warriors of the Citadel Faction Upgrade.



I've also had a look at various units and heroes for balancing.
Tough heroes like Borgo and Boromir have had their defences toned down a bit, various Heroes now do the correct damage type and various heroes have had their damages reduced or adjusted.
Elite units like the Door Wardens and Amroth Vanguards now deal HERO type damage making them better against structures and heroes as well as other units so they truly are elites now.


Game modes

3 new Game Modes have been added to the launcher for Patch 0.155.
The first is the No heroes feature which removes all heroes except the summon ones.

The second is called Gollum Wars which removes all heroes except summons and gives each faction 5 Gollums to fight with.

Finally the weirdest one yet Gollzilla.
Replacing the final spell for all factions is a new giant version of Gollum called Gollzilla.
So now you can fight with massive Gollums as I'm sure you've always wanted to.



Launcher update


The launcher will be getting upgraded and simplified.
Most of the requirements to run this mod will now be handled automatically by the launcher.
You'll no longer have to set the OS mode and game directories the launcher will find them itself.
There is no only 1 options menu in the launcher with Game mode codes being able to run straight from the Options menu.

When you run the launcher it will automatically check for 1.03 and if it's not installed it will even automatically open the Game Updater for you.




The Dwarf Holds News » July 3rd Update: What To Expect

Posted July 2, 2012. By _Haldir_ | View Comments

Hey there!

It's been quite a while since our last update and the release of the 0.755 patch, which we hope you're all enjoying. But even though things have been fairly quiet here in terms of public updates, don't worry! The team has been hard at work on lots of exciting new things. So in this update, we thought we'd give you a little peek at what's been happening behind the scenes, and what you can expect from the Dwarf Holds over the next while.

Posted Image

For those of you who haven't guessed as much already, i'm pleased to announce that The Dwarf Holds is currently working on adding in two brand new campaigns. Those of you who were savvy enough (or illiterate enough :p) to venture past the "Unavailable" buttons in the mod's campaign section may have even caught a glimpse of the beginnings of a new Living World Map. Well, see below for the nearly-finished result.

Posted Image

Now we don't want to give away too many details, but we can tell you that there will be two Dwarven campaigns. One will follow the story of Balin, and his ill-fated Retaking of Moria. The other will take you through the War in the North, and the Dwarven battles that took place during the War of the Ring.

Each campaign will contain plenty of new maps, new units, and new spellbook powers for you to experience; and we've made sure to include a unique and interesting variety of campaign missions and map objectives for you to play through.

As i said, we wouldn't want to ruin the surprises by showing you too much of the different campaign missions, so updates will probably be fairly scarce from now on. However, we'll certainly try and give you small glimpses when we can, so here's a little sneak peek at the first mission of the Moria campaign, The Eastgate.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

And that's all for this update!

The Dwarf Holds News » The Dwarf Holds 0.75

Posted March 23, 2012. By Nertea | View Comments

Posted Image

After a lot of work, things thrown at walls and lots of time, we can finally announce that The Dwarf Holds version 0.75 is ready to download. It contains tons of new content, including new units for every faction, new spells, new heroes, new buildings - the works! It also fixes many bugs and makes balancing changes. For the full changelog see here (though it's missing a few maps). You can also have a look though the extensive manual - included with the download or available here.

Note: because we made some changes to the auto-updater, you cannot use it to update to the new version. Unfortunately, you have to download the full installer. Sorry about that!

To download, just head over to our ModDb page. We also have an alternative download on LOTR Files.

If you find and bugs that aren't listed in the manual/changelog, post them in bugs threads here. We'll address them as well as we can.

The TDH team hopes you enjoy the release!

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