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Using FPS limit to manage game speed

Tutorial for Battle for Middle-earth BFME, Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2

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Category: Code
Level: Intermediate
Created: Sunday September 20, 2020 - 23:56
Updated: Wednesday October 7, 2020 - 15:51
Views: 11579
Summary: Using a hex editor or .big editing to change FPS numbers for a slower or faster game


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Setting FramesPerSecondLimit as a way of managing game speed

The Battle for Middle Earth series has no type of ingame speed adjust to control how fast the units move across the screen. This may be a problem for some players who just want to play the game and things move too quickly for them. However the fixed FPS setting can be adjusted to provide a speed adjust "hack." It is primarily intended for solo play.

The way that FPS works in Battle for Middle Earth series is that it causes the unit movements/attacks, build times and upgrades to run faster or slower; it simply speeds up or slows down time.

It is set to 30-38 in Battle for Middle Earth I, depending upon patch and mod; and generally at 30 FPS in version II and Witch King.

Halve the FPS and half the speed; which actually is useful for some players who have trouble controlling the game otherwise.
The FPS can be set for 20, 10 or even some lower number. At 10 FPS the game is running at approximately 30% its normal speed giving casual players a better chance to have Gimli heave his axe then use his ambush jump at the opportune time. Or just to zoom in at maximum level and see glorious action unfold in slow motion detail.

Conversely set the FPS to higher numbers and everything moves faster. All troops move quicker across the screen, buildings are built faster, double the FPS and double the speed, although it will cap out at 60-70fps.

This tutorial will show you both by hex edit or or by .big file editing where and which files to edit FPS as a way of managing game speed in the Battle for Middle Earth 1 & II series to include mods:
Blue Wizard Mod (BFME1)
Age of the Ring mod (BFME2)*
Edain Mod (BFME2)

To use this tutorial, knowledge of the following subjects is needed:
--Location and how to access your install directory
--How to back up files
--show file extensions
--For hex editing: How to obtain and use a hex editor.
--To edit the .big files: How to obtain and use the Final Big Editor ( not required if only using hex editing ),
--and how to use a text editor (to edit the gamedata.ini)

*EXCEPTION Age of the Ring mod (at the time of this writing) is uncompressed and only finding that mod's Install directory files and knowledge of a text editor is needed. See Page 3.

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