The 3rd Age

The Battle for Numenor Mod

The Battle for Numenor Mod

This is one of the famous german mods for RotWK

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Power Of The Ring 3 : Campaigns Of Middle Earth

Mod for Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2

Avatar of JUS_SAURON


Category: Finished Mods
Created: Sunday December 18, 2011 - 13:58
Updated: Monday October 9, 2017 - 1:37
Views: 23275
Summary: Contains BFME1 Campaigns : Based on Power Of The Ring


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This mod is the third installment of the Mods I have made
It contains some of the iconic BFME1 campaigns
It also splits Harad and Mordor ( Harad is mixed with Wild Faction)

It is based on Power Of the Ring / Rise of the Pheonix / Rise Of harad

The campaigns are being tested and more may be added in the future
GOOD : amon hen , fangorn , helms deep , isengard , minas tirith
EVIL : edoras , southern ithilien , shelobs lair , osgiliath , minas tirith

" The Harad desert is home to a special Herb .This Herb can be cultivated to
form a Special Potion .The potion is known to have the properties of sedating large animals .
The method of manufacture is known by the Haradrim .

Sauron , knowing that his orcs would not have the skill to make the Potion ,
formed an alliance with the Haradrim .The Men of the West cannot benefit from this Potion
as the Herb can only grow in the Arid Desert Soil close to the Volcanic Ash of Mordor .
Neither can it be stored for more than a day ,therefore the Haradrim have the upper
hand in its manufacture .Its effects however ,lasts a few weeks .

The Haradrim , in exchange for security , gave the potions to Mordor and the nearby Goblins .
This allows the Haradrim to train and ride Mumakils ,Golins the Large Spiders and Trolls ,
and even the Ringwraits use it to pacify their Nazguls ,(the potion is infused with the WitchKing's sorcery) "


The Mod is in the BALANCE and TESTING phase .
Updates will be periodically .
Post Bug issues and Balance Feedback for a Better Mod

Last Update : 8TH OCT 2017

Special Credits : Mounted Aragorn and Boromir Models: xxx

It contains New powers .New units , New Buildings

Some New Powers - Gandalf Shield Bubble

WitchKing - Summon 3 Fellbeasts

Saruman - Transform into an Orb of Fire

Elrond- Transfrom into an Orb Of Light

Balrog and Gollum playable - with New Powers

New Ring Powers for Ring Heroes

Gothmog playable and has mounted power

Gothmog Has Call of the Herd

Aragorn / Boromir mounted on a horse or on foot

Hobbits playable with enhanced powers

Treebeard powers enhanced .. Hobbits ride Treebeard

New Rohan Fortress , Theoden can Draft Peasants

New Numenorean Knights and Archers !

Special Faction units enhanced

Battle Wagon can Garrison Heroes

Nazguls on Foot , Horse , Fellbeast , RingWraith Forms !

New Plague of Death power for Mouth Of Sauron

Real Growing Forests when playing with Elves

Added Avalanche and Frozen Land Spells For Isengard

Haradrim Mini-Faction upgraded

Erupting Volcano for Mount Doom : LOTR Map

New powerful Statues

!!! All Factions Enhanced !!!

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JUS_SAURON - Monday October 9, 2017 - 1:38



Added Installer File for Win 7 and Win 8.1 and Win 10

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