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Arrow scaling bug FIXED! (tiny arrows)

Avatar of Kwen


Category: Graphics
Level: Intermediate
Created: Monday November 10, 2014 - 19:53
Updated: Monday November 10, 2014 - 20:46
Views: 12334
Summary: How to fix scaling issues with custom projectile objects. (Tiny arrows bug, or large arrows)


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Hi I'm Kwen,

I have done some extensive fiddling, and in my endeavors it has seemed that I have solved one of the long time issues with creating new models in the BFME games! For a long time when new archer (or projectile units in general) models have been made there has been an issue with the projectile object exporting as smaller or larger than normal. This is commonly known as the "tiny arrow bug"

Well I seem to have fixed this issue!

Note: this hasn't been completely proven to work, but I have eliminated the "tiny arrow bug" in a few units consistently in the past few days. So please try this method, and if it doesn't quite work then fiddle around with a few of the settings near and around those I show. If I have made any mistakes send me a message! I would love to nail this down to a science.

Anyways, the following is a re-creation of the solution I have found. Although it is only an example and not a real model I have put in game, the settings seem to work and it should be easily re-creatable in any models you may be encountering this issue with.

So let us begin!

First off if you don't already know, this tutorial assumes you understand the method of creating and properly exporting a model for in-game use. If you do not know already then please see the Beginner Modeling Guide tutorial:

Now to start;

I have my model imported and pre set with all the correct texture settings and export settings so that it works correctly once exported as well as in game. This is without any changes at all.

User image

Now, say I want to give the unit a custom arrow instead of the default one provided by EA.

Here I have imported a custom arrow object I made, and I want the mesh to use it as the arrow in the animations. Make sure you do not delete the original ARROWNOCK mesh! This is important.

User image

I can rename the new mesh to ARROWNOCK and the game will have it read the proper animations and the intended hide/unhide cycle of the firing animation so that it works as a proper arrow object.

But you see, if I export it as such then it scales horribly and does not look good at all!!

User image

So, now we will fix this. First off in the Hierarchy tab click on Link Info, and deselect the Scale X, Y, and Z values.

User image
User image

Now, unhide the original ARROWNOCK mesh and attach the NEW custom arrow to the original mesh as seen. This way the new mesh is merged into the original and retains some of the seemingly hidden values that cause issues.

User image

Now, back in the Hierarchy tab and in the Pivot tab, deselect the Scale option, then click Reset Pivot.

User image

Note: in this image Scale is still selected, this is my fault, I accidentally took the pictures in reverse order. Make sure Scale is NOT selected before hitting Reset Pivot)

User image

Now, delete the original ARROWNOCK mesh by selecting it by the individual vertices, by the individual polygons, or by selecting element. Delete it, and the custom arrow should now be the only remaining mesh named ARROWNOCK.

User image

Now, you can export the model once more, and this is the result I get! See that the arrow is no longer scaled and it matches the size correctly as in the scene!

User image


Please, please test this out. If I have done too much or too little then let me know. This is less of a formal tutorial and more a collaboration of findings. I am not sure which of the things I listed actually fixes this issue, but it does.


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Mathijs (Division Leader) - Monday November 10, 2014 - 23:43

Thank you thank you thank you.

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