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BFME II: Deluxe Edition

BFME II: Deluxe Edition

Fixing problems with BFME 2 and giving it more depth.

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ROTWK Mini Mod v1.0

Mod for Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king ROTWK

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Category: Finished Mods
Created: Wednesday June 3, 2020 - 17:11
Updated: Tuesday June 30, 2020 - 7:40
Views: 2742
Summary: A little mod changing the game's aesthetics


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This is a mod I've made for ROTWK 2.02 v8.3.0. It mainly consists of free art downloaded from here: . None of these arts are mine, I've just put them together and coded into the game. Factions affected:

-New Thranduil's texture (by LordOfAngmar (ChildrenofBodom)),
-Complete rework of Lorien Archers and Swordsmen, now they look more like BFME1 Elves (textures and models by Rider Of Rohan),
-Better quality textures for Legolas and Noldor Warriors (by Rider Of Rohan),
-Unlocked unused random model for Mithlond Sentries

-New skins for Phalanxes, Guardians, Axe Throwers, Gloin and Dain (all of these by Goldo),
-New models for Men Of Dale and Zealots (by The Dead Player(Clement))

-Added BFME1 orc warrior models (BFME2 ones had strange holes in their backs),
-New, high quality random textures for trolls (by Rider Of Rohan)

-Complete rework of all Arnor units (by Ouranos),
-New random texture for Dunedain Rangers (by Turin Turumbar)

-New random models for Goblin Warriors and Archers (basically they are archers looking like warriors and warriors looking like archers)(models by xxxMr. Xxxx)

Other changes:
-Unlocked second mission from the Angmar Campaign - Gundabad,
-Edited neutral Dire Wolves (now they look like actual Dire Wolves, not like Wargs); you can also recruit Dire Wolf Hordes from their lair if you cast Untammed Allegiance on it

As you can see, these are mostly cosmetic changes; gameplay and balance remains basically the same. Write in the comments if you find any bugs or have any suggestions. In the future I'm going to release a mod based on that one, but with more gameplay changes. I hope you'll enjoy this little modification as much as I do.

(23.06.2020 update: fixed Thranduil's texture; forgot to do it before, sorry for that)

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