The 3rd Age

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy seeks to change the land of Middle-earth into the vast Star Wars Galaxy.

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By Category

Archived Mods (15 mods)

Modifications that were never completed but the author has released some sort of beta version for the public to download.

Beta Mods (16 mods)

Modifications that are currently being worked on and have released a public beta.

Dead Mods (15 mods)

Modifications that never released a public beta and are no longer being worked on by the author.

Finished Mods (30 mods)

Modifications that are considered a finished or near-finished product by the author and will not have any other large updates.

Work In Progress Mods (13 mods)

Modifications that are currently being worked on but have not released a public version yet.

By Game

Battle for Middle-earth (16 mods)

EA's Middle-earth based RTS game that started it all

Battle for Middle-earth II (12 mods)

The sequel to BFME, allowing the player to take control of the armies in the north.

Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king (26 mods)

BFME 2's expansion, introducing the ancient army of the Witch-king's realm of Angmar

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