The 3rd Age

BFME 2: Arcade Edition

BFME 2: Arcade Edition

Throws out all the conventional rules of a RTS game and opens the game up like a playable cheat code

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Elven Alliance» This mod adds two new elven factions to BFME1. Some of the best new units modders have made so far.
Relaunched as the Elven Alliance Community Edition.
Hosted at
Game Replays» A forum dedicated to competitive online playing of the BfME series.
HDR Headquarters» Another BfME modding site.
Helm's Deep Last Hope» This mod focuses all its efforts into one map to create perhaps one of the best maps BFME has ever seen.
Hosted at
Lone Wolf Mod Return of Shadow» A mod that greatly enhances BFME by expanding the game adding in 12 new factions, new unit types, maps, greater game play enhancements.
Hosted at
Lord of the Rings FileFront» A large database of modifications, maps, and other resources for all the BFME games.
Middle Earth Center» A general forum containing discussion on everything LotR related.
moddb» A large database of modifications for all types of games, including the BFME series. Here you can find good mods for your favorite games, or add your own mod to the database, guaranteeing more traffic.
OpenWar» The OpenWar project is a project to create an open-source, flexible RTS engine, with an accompanying game to promote it.
Revora» Revora is the network of which The 3rd Age is a part. It's a creative network that hosts many creative project; among them many mods for popular games and communities similar to T3A.
RTS Community» A site dedicated all types of RTS games and modding.
The Dwarf Holds» This mod will add a fully functional Dwarf faction to the game. Based on the now-defunct RA mod.
Hosted at
The Four Ages» Fight for the freedom of Beleriand with the eldar and the elves or enslave them with Angband.
Hosted at
Victory Engine» A free, open source game engine written in and for Java. Part of the OpenWar project.


EA Games BFME Site» Click here to link directly to EA Games BFME site.

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