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Sy's AssetBuilder

Download for Battle for Middle-earth BFME, Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2, Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king ROTWK

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Category: Software
Created: Tuesday April 3, 2007 - 17:15
Updated: Saturday October 18, 2008 - 8:13
Views: 14557
Summary: A program allowing you to compile asset.dat for use with .big files or with WorldBuilder.


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This AssetBuilder is meant for use with BfME 1.

It allows to either compile your asset.dat with the new files (same as what EA's assetbuilder offers), or to compile a full asset.dat, with all the assets from the original asset.dat.
The latter is very useful for mappers who want to get all their assets visible in WorldBuilder.

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Asset Builder Installer8015April 3, 2007 - 17:17


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marsarah89 - Wednesday January 3, 2018 - 2:10

@ Titan Cronus and Jordan18124. I fixed the issue by running the program as an admin. You can right click on the shortcut on your desktop and select 'run as admin' or you can select 'properties' then go to 'compatibility' tab then check the box 'run this program as administrator'.

Also, I am encountering an issue that i get a forbidden symbol when I attempt to drag my art folder in the window, so I'm stuck there. How can I add my art folder there?

Thank you!

Titan Cronus - Wednesday September 28, 2011 - 16:31

I have just tried to install this on my new com (windows 7) and get the same message as Jordan18124, "Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."

Any ideas how to solve this?

BigBrainiac - Sunday October 24, 2010 - 17:47

Whenever I try to use this, only the new models/skins appear along with a select few others, and many models just disappear.
My game is RotWK and I am having the asset append to the original one.

If I am doing this wrong, I would appreciate help.

-----------------------Fixed the problem--------------------------

I realized I wasn't supposed to append to the existing asset.

Jordan18124 - Monday February 1, 2010 - 8:27

when i run the asset builder i get the error message:

Component 'COMDLG32.OCX' or one of it's dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

Please can you help me???

ched (Team Chamber Member) - Saturday October 18, 2008 - 8:14

link fixed! sorry for the inconvenience

Nazgûl (Team Chamber Member) - Saturday October 18, 2008 - 6:25

Link broken...

Guess Who - Wednesday January 23, 2008 - 0:51

Because it just adds the reference to the data so the game reads it.

witchking - Friday August 3, 2007 - 5:59

but the orignel asset dat is soo long and so many files.
And how come when i add the orignel and put my custom audeo in this asset dat that i made theres only two lines of codeing?

Bart (Administrator) - Wednesday August 1, 2007 - 9:13

It's very easy. Drag the files you want to add to your asset.dat into the window, select whether to create a new asset.dat or append to the original (BFME 1 ) one, and save it.

witchking - Wednesday August 1, 2007 - 5:15

but is there an article fo how to use this program?

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