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Tolkiens Letters and Languages

Download for Battle for Middle-earth BFME, Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2, Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king ROTWK

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Category: Resources
Created: Thursday November 15, 2007 - 8:41
Updated: Wednesday January 28, 2009 - 13:10
Views: 6251
Summary: Resources to help using Tengwar or Cirth


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I collected this stuff a few years ago. Just thought you might have use for it as well. In the download you will find:

- Articles about Quenya and Sindarin
- TrueFonts for use in word or whereever for several versions of Cirth and Tengwar letters
- Text books and other aids in learning to write in these languages using the above mentioned letters.

Have fun browsing through those. :)

Until i have enough upload space, a rapishare link will have to do. Tell me if it doesn't work anymore so i can reupload it.

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MiddleEarthLetters.rar1544November 15, 2007 - 8:45


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witchy king - Saturday June 20, 2009 - 1:37

better site, with all ME fonts in pc and mac format,
nice site anyways

Námo - Sunday January 25, 2009 - 16:07

Link works, no code needed, but slow download (25 KB/sec) unless you pay for full speed.

The material might be a little bewildering for those who has little or no knowledge of the languages of Middle-Earth - it may be more accessible if you go directly to the original websites:

Languages of Middle-Earth: Ardalambion:
this is one of the very best (if not the best) web-site for the study of Tolkiens languages, and has a lot of links.

Fonts: Dan Smiths Fantasy Fonts for Windows:
for the newest updated fonts, keyboard-mapping, macros, help-files, even word-processors etc., some links.

As a reader of the works of Tolkien for more than forty years, including studying some of the languages for the last few years, I can testify that this material is of the HIGHEST QUALITY you will ever get.
Thanks to Sûlherokhh for putting such stuff on T3A.

A note to those who might want to apply some of this stuff to their elven faction (naming units or using elven speech in audio files): use SINDARIN and sindarin only, if you want to be 'historical correct' so to speak, i.e. true to the work of Tolkien. At the end of the 3rd age the sindarin language was the only language used by the elves throughout Middle-Earth, and all the elven names of persons and places in LotR are sindarin.

Elrond99 - Friday February 22, 2008 - 13:40

well i use it sometimes

Sulherokhh (Team Chamber Member) - Saturday January 26, 2008 - 8:31

You'll have to click the link, press the 'free' download button, wait 1 or 2 minutes, then enter a 4 letter code shown and then download.

.... (months later)

As of now, there are 90 hits on the download of this material.
Out of curiosity, has this been of any use or interest to anyone?

tryfang - Saturday November 24, 2007 - 15:01

it doesn't work the right way, i can't access it on this com.

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