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Age of the Firstborn - The Rebirth

Age of the Firstborn - The Rebirth

Continues on Elrond99's Age of the Firstborn mod by turning time back to around TA2000.

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Adding A Spell Book Power To A Hero

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Category: Code
Level: Beginner
Created: Monday December 13, 2010 - 19:42
Updated: Wednesday December 15, 2010 - 14:29
Views: 8682
Summary: Here is How To Add A Spell Book Power To A Hero


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THEVALAR - Monday June 22, 2015 - 13:55

Your Guide is not working. Did everything what you said and the spells not visible in the palantir. witch is interesting cos I aded this line quiet well to the coding InPalantir = Yes so i have no idea whats the problem, probably the command button but realy dont know. I send you here the codes:
;------- Chill-Wind --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Behavior = UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgrade ModuleTag_ChillWindUnpause
SpecialPowerTemplate = ChillWind
TriggeredBy = Upgrade_ChillWind

Behavior = OCLSpecialPower ModuleTag_ChillWind
        SpecialPowerTemplate    = ChillWind
        OCL                = OCL_SpellBookChillWind
        CreateLocation            = CREATE_AT_LOCATION
        AvailableAtStart        = Yes
StartsPaused = Yes

;------- Sunflare -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Behavior = UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgrade ModuleTag_SunflareUnpause
SpecialPowerTemplate = Sunflare
TriggeredBy = Upgrade_Sunflare

Behavior = OCLSpecialPower ModuleTag_Sunflare
        SpecialPowerTemplate             = Sunflare
        OCL             = OCL_SpecialPowerSunflare
        CreateLocation             = CREATE_AT_LOCATION
        AvailableAtStart                 = Yes
        AttributeModifierAffects        = ANY +INFANTRY +CAVALRY +MONSTER -HERO ENEMIES
        ReEnableAntiCategory            = Yes
        AttributeModifierWeatherBased    = Yes            
        WeatherDuration                    = SPELL_SUNFLARE_DURATION
        ChangeWeather                    = SUNNY
StartsPaused = Yes
Command Button:

CommandButton Command_ChillWind
    Command            = SPECIAL_POWER
SpecialPower        = ChillWind
    Options     = NEED_TARGET_POS
    TextLabel     = CONTROLBAR:ChillWind
ButtonImage            = KUChillWindIcon
    ButtonBorderType     = ACTION
    DescriptLabel     = CONTROLBAR:TooltipChillWind
RadiusCursorType         = ChillWindRadiusCursor
CursorName         = AttackObj
InvalidCursorName         = GenericInvalid
InPalantir = Yes

CommandButton Command_Sunflare
    Command                = SPECIAL_POWER
SpecialPower        = Sunflare
    Options                = NEED_TARGET_POS
    TextLabel            = CONTROLBAR:Sunflare
ButtonImage            = SBGood_Sunflare
    ButtonBorderType    = ACTION
    DescriptLabel        = CONTROLBAR:TooltipSunflare
RadiusCursorType    = SunflareRadiusCursor
CursorName            = AttackObj
InvalidCursorName    = GenericInvalid
InPalantir = Yes
Special Power:

SpecialPower ChillWind
    Enum                = SPECIAL_SPELL_BOOK_CHILL_WIND
    RadiusCursorRadius        = 300            ; Match the radius in FXList TaintFX
    RequiredSciences        = SCIENCE_ChillWind
    ReloadTime            = 1        ; in milliseconds
    InitiateAtLocationSound     = ChillWind
    Flags                = RESPECT_RECHARGE_TIME_DISCOUNT
ViewObjectDuration = 10000
ViewObjectRange = 200

SpecialPower Sunflare
    RadiusCursorRadius    = 300
    RequiredSciences        = SCIENCE_Sunflare
    ReloadTime        = 4000 ;// in milliseconds
    ViewObjectDuration    = 10000
    ViewObjectRange        = 200
    InitiateAtLocationSound = SpellSunflareMS

Upgrade Upgrade_ChillWind

Upgrade Upgrade_Sunflare

I know the command set and the experiance coding how to add them. could you pplease chek it what might be the problem?

clank234 - Wednesday December 15, 2010 - 14:20

you need the InPalantir = Yes OR Radial = Yes otherwise how is your hero gonna use it???

Elric - Wednesday December 15, 2010 - 14:14

No, you don't need That code for Earthquake I don't think...and i didn't memorize the Codes tags thats why it isnt like that and i had to write the tutorial in a hurry... (Dad got mad ehhh... I couldnt fix it till know...) Ill Put in the code anyway just in case...

clank234 - Wednesday December 15, 2010 - 6:59

a good tutorial,
1) in the commandbutton you need to include

InPalantir = Yes

2) use the code tags e.g. [*code][*/code] without the "*"
3) can you make what your writing clearer. I can understand because it's nothing that hard but there are some beginers that need more understanding.
Otherwise it's a very good tutorial :)

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