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The Dwarf Holds

This mod adds a fully functional Dwarf faction to the game. Based on the now-defunct RA mod.

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NEW Hardcore/Powerful AI (1.6.3 version )

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Category: Resources
Created: Saturday March 17, 2012 - 13:35
Updated: Thursday September 27, 2012 - 19:38
Views: 20186
Summary: Level of difficulty: Insane and Ripper Version 1.6.3


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AI first game gives small a chance for development, but a quick victory can not be achieved, as it was before.
AI Develops very rapidly, filling with almost the entire map troops.(in my mod 1 unit = 1 command point)
If you have any heroes or Ents AI will try to destroy them. Even if you play 2on2 and AI Ally will be destroyed,
This does not mean that you can relax, yet not to closer to victory.
To be honest playing 2on2(2 player vs 2 bots) against bots without superpowers (Balrog, etc.), I did not win, I could not win, lose too. the only thing I could afford not to lose - defend like mad... the game was very long and gradual, barely brought to the mockery from AI, it is passed into a situation where a mistake = will defeat or serious problems in defense, where every soldier in the account.
My conclusion: it is impossible to win without super powers(Balrog and etc.). If you exelent play - to lose will not be as impossible to win, only 1 out of stalemate - to go on the attack all you have.(if without superpowers)
(from version 1.5.6)

Future changes:
If I find flaws - Fix it;
to a new level of complexity - Ripper - superstrong AI, where victory will be a miracle. But it will be no cheating in versions 1.1 or 1.2(for version 1.6-1.8)


AI "learns" to help the Allies with a major attack on the main base of ally(if <this player> can do it) (from version 1.7)

AI "learns" to recognize and respond to serious attacks of the enemy. (from version 1.7)

Will be activate a script that will allow the AI &#8203;&#8203;to react to the attack of the Dead Army. (from version 1.7)

AI "learns" to understand when you need to significantly change the strategy.(it's need for very long game, when AI can't win with simple army, usually human defeat at this time) (from version 1.7)


Improved somethings, i don't remeber (from version 1.6.3)
New reinforcement system for if ally(each) of AI defeat (from version 1.6.3)
//for turn on display counter - change "EvilModOff" script.


Improved heroes abilities for AI (from version 1.6.1-2)
Improved hero huntes (from version 1.6.1-2)
Hero hunters now, not so much cheating... (from version 1.6.1-2)
Improved gondor some upgrades for AI, not remember what exactly...(from version 1.6.1 or this not new)


[ON version 1.6.x-1.7 additions and changes]

Now i work with hero/spell abilities/spells and tricks with it...
I Hope I final fix behavior lurtz team, with hunt heroes.
Fixing Mordor hunters for heroes.
additions on script of wall repair (for gondor/rohan).

[version 1.6 done]

Somethings Are bettter (from version 1.6)

AI Can Repair broken/destroed Wall (from version 1.6)

AI Can buy upgrades from StoneMarker (fix EA bug) (from version 1.6)

Gondor and Rohan returned to the former power in the early stages.(in the intermediate version 1.5.x I loosened the beginning for all to give a chance to win, but it should have been done only for Evil) (from version 1.6)

Improved scripts "hero hunters" (from version 1.6)

Added some tweaks to the AI (from version 1.6)

super difficult level of complexity - "Ripper" - removed (from version 1.6)

Ripper AI is quite the other brains (from version x.x)



You Can see Money and CommandPoints of AI. This needed for debugg AI. In new version i disabele this(from 1.5.3)
[if you wanna disabele itself you need turn of folder "EvilModDebugg" at any my modifer libraries]

Now victory over AI is an achievement.
Level of difficulty: Insane Or Ripper(beta)

!!! AI is targeted at the huge size of the "COMMAND POINTS" (it is desirable to increase the original size by 2-3 times) !!!
!!! But I made a version for those who can not change it !!!
For a company to change the AI alone.
This is only valid on the network and skirmish.
GameData.ini version from 1.02 patch.
This AI I made change for my mod "EvilMod"

1) who can not by itself change the command points to copy "_NewAIFromEvilMod1GameDataPlus.big" in the folder where you installed the game.
1.1) who can change the the command points(2 or 3 times) itself: copy "_NewAIFromEvilMod1.big" in the folder where you installed the game.
2) Play!

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Before - Thursday December 19, 2019 - 18:48

This is literally one of the best mods I ever played. I can't believe I had not found it sooner.

I know no one else has commented in 6 years now, but here it is again today. Thank you!!!

Yaroslav - Wednesday July 3, 2013 - 20:44

kencueto, this AI is: improved EA AI + my own scripts of AI, i.e. this only for bfme1, but expert of bfme of scripts
can porting it for bfme2 or rotwk and any other mods for bfme2/rotwk.(self, i'm lazy to do it)
But this AI by parameters designed for bfme1 original, without mods and anyway modders with high experience can change it easy.
for bfme2/rotwk without handle editing AI and game its will not work;
for bfme1 mods it will work, if mod will not change AI paths, but it will be not correct(command points, costs, healths and many other value and things mod can change or harm for AI have access)

kencueto - Wednesday June 19, 2013 - 11:20

how do you install this and does this work on other mods like edain mod and rj-rotwk? thanks


how do you install this and does this work on other mods like edain mod and rj-rotwk? thanks


how do you install this and does this work on other mods like edain mod and rj-rotwk? thanks

Yaroslav - Tuesday June 12, 2012 - 18:48

I seem to understand what I mean. but you can set the detail to detail the events?
skype: morgot_dark_lord

Now I have a study, to 30th June will not be updated. after - yes =)

cnrsnl - Sunday June 3, 2012 - 12:27

Hey, thanks for improving the AI. I'm glad to see people still working on BFME. You made the game fun for me again. I can't wait to see the future versions. I'd like to see more complex and even better AI. Not increased numbers of armies, but AI to play smarter.

Btw, yesterday, while we were playing 3v5 in Old Brown Lands against AI with my friends, after we defeat 1 hard army, the remaining hard armies got reinforcements spawned. And one reinforcement group for the hard army we defeated as well. It was grey and unattackable. This is probably a bug.

Yaroslav - Sunday May 13, 2012 - 21:03

if someone found a vulnerability of weaknesses my modified AI - let me know, please.
I'm not trying to win without spellpowers - because I am only defending whis my ally(not AI) and strength to the attack was not.


New Version with improved AI coming soon...


I made new version 1.6.3, but it's need modify for original game+i can't work on notebook(broken fan) in coming feature I upload optimization version

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