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This Mod makes many changes to the original game, adds a whole new BFME 1 mode and much more.

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MasterHero Mod 1.8.1

Mod for Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king ROTWK

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Category: Finished Mods
Created: Sunday June 8, 2014 - 12:02
Updated: Sunday June 8, 2014 - 12:56
Views: 7462
Summary: Modifications&Additions@RingHeroes+Heroes+Factions+Units+System+SpellBook+Theme+AI+new play-style


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The Battle for Middle Earth 2: Rise of the Witch King
1.8.1 of Master Hero Mod

What's new in this version(1.8.1) :
1- Fixed All Known Errors

2- Treasures from Lairs now worth more

3- Introducing The New Signal Fire System :
# Capturing The Signal Fire will make the Spell Book Powers Refresh Faster by 20%
# Capturing The Signal Fire Consumes 50 resources on a regular basis
# And It will boost your entire troops (Heroes and Machines Not Affected) that are within 2000 meters with the following:
@ Earn 150% Experience boost
@ Armor & Damage increases to 150%
@ Resist Fear & Knockback shocks
@ increase your kill bounty
@ Heal Nearby Allies within 400 meters
@ Increase Rate of Fire of Ranged Weapons
@ There are Elite Monsters to Defend Signal Fires in almost all maps that have signal Fires

4- The Heir of Gondor: When Aragon Becomes Level 10 Only < He Becomes Like Ring Heroes ( High Damage & Health )

5- Modified some Damage Attributes of Some Heroes

6- Modified Some Health Attributes of Some Heroes and Units

7- You can see The Damage Amount of Any Hero in the game, just make the mouse stay on them for a couple of seconds and the Health and the Damage will show up

8- Modified the AI System, it is now Smarter + Stronger Than Ever, Don't Forget (Super Brutal Mode from Previous Version Still Can be used to get even more Difficulty)

9- Introducing the New "AI Captain" Expansion:
# Your Army will Auto-Move, Auto-Build, Auto-Attack, Auto-Defend ( It will do everything Automatically)
# You Can Control or Change or Cancel any Auto-Decision
# This Expansion Will be Optional you can choose to play with it, and you can choose to not, according to what (ini) File you install
# The Reason of This Idea is that sometimes you forget to do stuff in the game play, because you are dealing with other stuff, well Not Any more :)

10- New Backgrounds and New Splash

11- Changed the Main Menu Music

------------------------------- ------------------------------------

What the Mod Already Contains :-

Buildings Modifications:
* Limited the number of defensive buildings & fortresses
* Modified attributes and characterstics of some defensive buldings
* Fortresses expanstions can be built spreatly
* Adjusted Resourses Raduis for Resourses Buildings
* Walls are very expensive but very strong

Units Modifications:
* Hordes System (Squads)
* Reduced Command Points
* Added Special Powers to some Units, for example ( Become A Hero )
* Added new Units, for example ( Banner Carrier )
* All Units Auto-Aquire near Treasures
* Porter can Repaire Damaged Buldings
* Changed Weapons of Some Heroes and Units
* CreateAHero Special Powers Have Lots of Moddifications
* Heroes Revive Time and Cost were Balanced
* Auto Healing settings are modified for heroes and units
* Modified Textures of Some units
* Blood Textures added in the game

System Modifications:
* New SpellBooks, For example (Super Shield )
* Modified some SpellBooks (Names-Ranges-Powers-Effects)
* Modified Special Powers of Factions & Heroes in terms of Power & Range & Effects
* Adjusted Speed System of Units & Heroes
* Adjusted Difficulty
* Adjusted Effects, for example ( Units Reaching new level )
* Adjusted Attributes Modifiers
* SpellBooks can be used even if all fortresses are destroyed
* Black Theme
* Changed the Main Menu Music
* Create A Hero Can reach full Attributes
* Lairs contains lots of units ( Lair mini-faction System )
* Lairs provide lots of Treasures when destroyed ( Lair mini-faction System )
* Adjusted Prices of Almost Every Hero
* Balanced the Bounty Value System
* You can Enjoy the View Close or Far by Zooming In-Zooming Out in the play
* Super Brutal MODE (If you want to play The SUPER Brutal MODE Set The Difficulty to Brutal, then set the handicap to 95%)
* Harad Faction is summoned by Suldan Level 10 special power


Factions : (Ring Heroes) - Heroes :

Goblins : (Smaug) - Azog - Shelob - GoblinKing - Drogoth - Morinehtar - Harad FellBeast

Angmar : (Ghost) - Hwaldar - Karsh - Morgramir - Rogash - Witchking - Romestamo

Rohan : (Galadriel) - Hama - Argeleb - Eowyn - Arveleg - Eomer - Arvedui - ArnorCaptain - Theoden - Radgast

Gondor : (Elindel) - Aragorn - Gandalf - Boromir - Faramir - Halbard - Earnur - RiderOfTheDead - Cirdan

Elves : (GilGalad) - Fuerst - Haldir - Arwen - Gildor - Glorfindel - Legolas - Celeborn - Thranduil - Elrond

Mordor : (Sauron) - Gothmog - MouthOfSauron - 3 FellBeasts - WitchKingOnFellBeast - Kastellan - Suladan

Harad : (Mardat/"No Ring Needed")

Isengard : (Saruman) - Sharku - WormTongue - Lurtz - Mauhur - Ugluk

Dwarves : (Durin) - CaptainofDale - Gloin - Gimli - Thror - Thorin - Thrain - Dain


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