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MasterHero Mod 1.9

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Created: Tuesday July 15, 2014 - 7:23
Updated: Tuesday July 15, 2014 - 7:26
Views: 6278
Summary: Enhances Visuals, provide series of modifications and additions to the game play, support WOR


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MasterHero Mod 1.9 & AI Captain Expansion:

1- Fixed All Known Errors of Previous Version & Added more Balance to the Game

2- Automatic Setup (Not Manual)

3- Introducing the New Scaling System:
# The Aim of it, is to Provides Reality and Fantsy to the game play visuals:
* Increased the Sizes of lots of Heroes
* Increased the Sizes of All Ring Heroes
* Increased the Size of Create A Hero
* Increased the Sizes of All Towers
* Increased the Size of Walls & Wall Expansions
* Increased the Size of Gates > Big Units like Mumakil&Balrog&Shade Can pass through them now
* Increased the Size of Lairs & Entmoot
* Increased the Size of the Inn & the OutPost
* Increased the Sizes of All mini-heroes
* Increased the Sizes of some Beasts and Creeps and some Siege units,>
for example :(Mountain Gaints & TreeBerd & Fortress Drake & Fortress Eagle)

4- Edited Command Points Value to Balance the Game Play :
# All Heroes Require 100 Command Points
# All Units Require 10 Command Points < Except Goblin Archers&Infantry < they require only 5
# All mini-heroes Require 50 Command Points
# All Siege Require 30 Command Points
# All Banner Carriers Require 100 Command Points

6- Theoden After Reaching Level 10: Gains 5000 Health and 300 Auto Heal Amount

7- The Witch King After Reaching Level 10: Gains 120 Damage , 1000 Health and 50% Speed

8- Drogoth After Reaching Level 10: Gains Double Speed

9- Reduced Level 10 Boost: Aragorn After Reaching Level 10: Gains 220 Damage, 5000 Health, 35% Speed , and Resist KnockBack

10- ivory tower Upgrade is available from the begining and for ever (Gondor & Rohan)

11- Modified Some SpellBook Powers :
* Elves: Summon Eagles are now 12 insted of 3 but Smaller Size & lower in Health & Time
* Isnegard: changed two spell Books
* Lone Tower & Barricade Spell Books Power > Both Stronger now
* Elves: Wood Taint Land > increased Raduis > Summons 2 Noldor Warriors
* Frozen Land > increased Effectivness

12- Added & Modified Some Spell Powers:
* Sauron: added Spell Power that summons The Balrog Son's

13- Added Mukamil Project:
* Added Small Mumakil: Small Size and Fast Speed > Low Health > Maximum 10 units > Without Archers
* the Orginal Mumakil: Normal Size and Normal Speed > Normal Health > With Archers
* Added Big Mumakil: Big Size and Low Speed > High Health > Maximum 3 units > Without Archers

14- Added New Units:
* Angmar Mini-Hero : The Black Ranger
* Balrog's Sons

15- Saruman Can attack while in a Tower

16- Command Points Aid:
* All Factions have Expansions that give 100 Command Points For each built Expansion of these types :
* Elves: Flood gate Expansion
* Isengard: Mine Launcher Expansion
* Mordor: Gate Watchers Expansion
* Goblins: Burrows Expansion
* Dwarven: Hall Expansion
* Angmar: Kennel Expansion
* Gondor: Dormitory Expansion
* Rohan: Dormitory Expansion

17- All Heroes Cost more than 1500 < initial Cost

18- All Heroes have modified Respawn Values:
Level:1 Cost:2500
Level:2 Cost:2600
Level:3 Cost:2700
Level:4 Cost:2800
Level:5 Cost:2900
Level:6 Cost:3100
Level:7 Cost:3200
Level:8 Cost:3300
Level:9 Cost:3400
Level:10 Cost:3500

19- Changed Load Screens in the Game

20- Removed Armor Boost from the Affect of Capturing "Signal Fire" and Removed KnockBack and Fear Resistance

21- Edited some Maps, added Inns & Removed Annoying Netural Eagles that attack the Base

22- Modified Victory Conditions:
# Not only the buildings have to be destroyed in order To win < all builders & Heroes must die also
# If you have a Captured Inn you don't lose even if all buildings are destroyed and all builders & Heroes are killed
# Note that Resources Buildings, Defensive Buildings, Captured Outpost and Signal Fire are not a condition to win < with or without the same
# Summary > Victory Conditions:ELIMINATE All "Non-Resources & Non-Defensive Buildings" + "All Builders" + "Inn" + "All Heroes"

23- Reduced Create A Hero Attributes Setting, When a New CreateAHero is being Created < the aim is to Reduce the too powerfull createAHero's

24- All Creeps & Netural Units that are not under a specefic Faction > don't give XP when killed
# All Lair Units
# All Creautres & Creeps that defend the Signal Fire (Except Sauron & Galadriel & Treeberd > they do give XP when killed)
# For Example, A summoned Balrog will give XP when killed, but a Netural Balrog that defend the Signal Fire Won't give XP when killed
# The Reason for this is that, Heroes Gain Levels without engaging in a Faction Vs Faction Fight, they do so by Lairs only, and thats not Logical

25- Added New Colors < The Colors that appears in the Faction Choosing Menu

26- Added The Inn Mercenaries System:
# When the Inn is Captured you will have 5 Choices:
* Siege Class
* Archers Class
* Infantries Class
* Calvary Class
* Wizard Heroes
* Flying Creatures
# if you pick a choice you can't change it later, unless the inn is captured by enemy and you recapture it
# Each Choice has it's own price and it's own special Units
# Keep in mind that some units in the Inn are different from orginal Faction units in term of:
@ Price, Build Time, Health and Size

27- Added 4 New Heroes to the Game:
# Wizard of Ice: his weapon is Ice Ball that Freezes Enemies
# Wizard of Poison: his weapon is Poison Ball that Paralyzes Enemies
# Wizard of Wind: his weapon is Wind Ball that Throw Enemies back
# The Dark Wizard: his weapon is Dark Ball that Turn Enemies to Barrow wight after Death
# They are All in the Inn

28- Enabled House Color and House Color Selection Borders < has little modification < not like the original game

29- Added Bat King Hero in Goblins Faction:
# Don't Attack
# But have Useful abilities that affect Heroes
# have a big vision amount
# Can Capture Buildings in the Sky
# Visable only to enemies that are close to him

30- Moved the Hero "Harad Fell beast" to Harad Faction and Made some Changes to it :
# 5 units of same type can be recruited
# Lower in Health
# Lower in Commad Points
# Lower in Size
# Converted to a mini-hero

31- Added "Mount a Warg" Speacial Power to Gothmog "Mordor Hero"

32- All Ring Heroes have a Glowing Shadow Ring FX around them

33- Added "Ork-Hai Archer Captain" Hero to Mordor

34- Added "Goblins Archer Captain" Hero to Goblins

35- Porter Can Capture Buildings

36- Angmar Ring Hero is Changed in term of Look and Weapon

37- Completed the Ringwraiths Set of Heroes in the Game:
@ Inn > Flying Creatures Class Ringwraiths:
# Dwar
# Ji Indur
# Adunaphel
# Hoarmurath
# Uvatha
@ Mordor Fortress Ringwraiths:
# Akhorahil
# WitchKing
# Khamul
# Morgomir
* Total Number of Ringwraiths are 9

------------------------ -------------------

What the Mod Has :-


Buildings Modifications:
1- Limited the number of Expansions that are built spearately to 20 and towers to 25 and fortresses to 3
2- Modified attributes and characterstics of some defensive buldings
3- Fortresses expanstions can be built spreatly
4- Adjusted Resourses Raduis for Resourses Buildings
5- Walls are very expensive but very strong

Units Modifications:
1- Hordes System (Squads)
2- Added different Special Powers to Units, for example for mini-heroes added: ( Become A Hero )
3- Added new Units, for example ( Banner Carrier )
4- All Units Auto-Aquire near Treasures
5- Porter can Repaire Damaged Buldings & Capture Buildings
6- Changed Weapons of Some Heroes and Units
7- CreateAHero Special Powers Have Lots of Moddifications
8- Heroes Revive Times are Balanced
9- Auto Healing settings are modified for heroes and units
10- Modified Textures of Some units
11- Blood Textures added in the game

System Modifications:
1- New SpellBooks, For example (Super Shield)
2- Modified some SpellBooks (Names-Ranges-Powers-Effects)
3- Modified Special Powers of Factions & Heroes in terms of Power & Range & Effects
4- Adjusted Speed System of Units & Heroes
5- Adjusted Visual Effects, for example (When Units Reach next level)
6- SpellBooks can be used even if all fortresses are destroyed
7- Black Theme
8- Changed Create A Hero Attributes Setting, When Creating
9- Lairs contains lots of units ( Lair mini-faction System )
10- Lairs provide lots of Treasures when destroyed ( Lair mini-faction System )
11- Adjusted Prices of Almost Every Hero
12- Balanced the Bounty Value System
13- You can Enjoy the View Close or Far by Zooming In-Zooming Out in the play
14- Super Brutal MODE (If you want to play The SUPER Brutal MODE Set The Difficulty to Brutal, then set the handicap to 95%)
15- Harad Faction is summoned by the Mordor Hero "Suldan" by his Last special power
16- Treasures from Lairs worth more per Treasure
17- Display Damage Amount of Any Hero or a Mini-Hero by making the mouse stay on them for a couple of seconds and the Damage will show up
18- New Backgrounds and New Splash
19- Changed the Main Menu Music
20- Modified the AI System, it is now Smarter + Stronger Than Ever:
# Gather Armies and Attack at once & Attack Separately
# Do Upgrades for Units
# Heroes Use Their Special Powers Against you
# Create Siege Very Early in the game
# Create Heroes Alot
# Build Defensive Buildings & Fortress Expansions Alot
21- Introducing The New Signal Fire System :
# Capturing The Signal Fire will make the Spell Book Powers Refresh Faster by 20%
# And It will boost your entire troops (Heroes and Machines Not Affected) that are within 2000 meters with the following:
# Earn 150% Experience boost
# Damage increases to 150%
# increase your kill bounty
# Heal Nearby Allies within 400 meters
# Increase Rate of Fire of Ranged Weapons
# There are Elite Monsters to Defend Signal Fires in almost all maps that have signal Fires
22- You Can Use "AI Captain" Expansion:
# It is a Separate Expansion to the Mod , Installed Separately with Setup with its own
# Your Army will Auto-Move, Auto-Build, Auto-Attack, Auto-Defend ( It will do everything Automatically)
# You Can Control or Change or Cancel any Auto-Decision
# This Expansion Will be Optional you can choose to play with it, and you can choose to not.
# The Reason of This Idea is that sometimes you forget to do stuff in the game play, because you are dealing with other stuff

Factions : (Ring Heroes) - Heroes :

Goblins : (Smaug) - Bat King - Goblin Archer Captain - Azog - Shelob - GoblinKing - Drogoth - Morinehtar

Angmar : (Ghost) - Hwaldar - Karsh - Morgramir - Rogash - Witchking - Romestamo

Rohan : (Galadriel) - Hama - Argeleb - Eowyn - Arveleg - Eomer - Arvedui - ArnorCaptain - Theoden - Radgast

Gondor : (Elindel) - Aragorn - Gandalf - Boromir - Faramir - Halbard - Earnur - RiderOfTheDead - Cirdan

Elves : (GilGalad) - Fuerst - Haldir - Arwen - Gildor - Glorfindel - Legolas - Celeborn - Thranduil - Elrond

Mordor : (Sauron) - Gothmog - MouthOfSauron - Ork-Hai Archer Captain - Akhorahil -Khamul - Morgomir - WitchKing - Kastellan - Suladan

Harad : (Mardat/"No Ring Needed") - {5 Minor Harad FellBeast MiniHeroes}

Isengard : (Saruman) - Sharku - WormTongue - Lurtz - Mauhur - Ugluk

Dwarves : (Durin) - CaptainofDale - Gloin - Gimli - Thror - Thorin - Thrain - Dain

------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------------

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