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The Horse Lords

A mod intended to enhance The Rise of the Witch King and add a new campaign

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Battle for the Galaxy

Avatar of Lord Of Gifts

Lord Of Gifts

Category: Dead Mods
Created: Wednesday March 28, 2007 - 23:56
Updated: Saturday December 31, 2011 - 21:35
Views: 10811
Summary: Battle for the Galaxy seeks to change the land of Middle-earth into the vast Star Wars Galaxy.


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Star Wars: Battle for the Galaxy

The flames of war have spread far across the Galaxy, as
more and more worlds are engulfed by the conflict between
the waring factions. Nearly all planets feel the heat of
battle, conflicts span the galaxy from Coruscant to Hoth.

Battle for the Galaxy: Now is your chance. Wage war as the
idealistic CIS, or the peacekeeping Republic. The resourceful
Rebel Alliance, or the evil Galactic Empire.
Make good use of your forces, and heroes. Lead vast legions of
stormtroopers into the fray with the powerful Lord Vader or
battalions of clones with Master Yoda.

Fight on wild and exotic planets such as the icy wastes of
Hoth to the wet and muddy world of Jabiim. Fight the battles
you want, alter Star Wars history, or re-live it. You decide.

Your battle for the galaxy is about to begin.

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Forums2452March 29, 2007 - 0:01
ModDB Profile3375March 29, 2007 - 0:00


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Adrian - Saturday January 17, 2009 - 20:16

come on. I really want to download this

Rob38 (Team Chamber Member) - Tuesday June 10, 2008 - 10:04

Mod has been inactive for a long time and does not appear it will ever be finished :(

persons - Sunday March 9, 2008 - 13:11

Is it dead?

spetey - Tuesday January 15, 2008 - 14:45

Very nice, very nice

Haldor - Monday January 7, 2008 - 13:12

Provided that something has probably happened to this mod by now, i think an update may be a tad overdue. (the last was march '06)

ILUTAVAR - Wednesday January 2, 2008 - 17:30


elendilofgondor - Sunday December 2, 2007 - 1:09

i think this is going to rock!

Swyter - Wednesday October 17, 2007 - 3:55

Excuse my English, but I´m spanish:
This mod is fantastic, im work too in other related project and i think that this one is much better. I am waiting with desire the day in which telease them.

jimiojoe - Sunday June 10, 2007 - 6:35

corrrr thiss will be my favourite modd

just hope theres some updates to keep my apitite down for now soonish :)

{IP}Sauron - Monday April 2, 2007 - 8:46

Wow havent heard from this in ages sorry LoG but i didnt map anything yet cuz i didnt hear from ya :P

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