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A mod that intends to bring back the fun to BFME1

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Immersive Middle-earth

Mod for Battle for Middle-earth BFME

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Category: Work In Progress Mods
Created: Saturday January 10, 2015 - 13:56
Updated: Tuesday September 27, 2016 - 17:09
Views: 4269
Summary: Attempts to make bfme 1 more engrossing and personal


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Immersive Middle Earth was designed to improve the quality of BFME 1. There are a lot of changes made in this mod, but not many new things have been added.

Here is a list of things the mod does that were my own work

* Increased the population limits
* Increased starting cash
* Increased the amount of goblins, wargs and trolls that spawn from lairs
* Bodies stay for about 80-90 seconds on the battlefield instead of instantly disappearing
* Hero bodies stay for less time than other units
* Body sink rates have been altered
* Gondor archers do not use the melee punch attack
* One of the Gondor archer death animations was switched (on high graphics)
* Boromir has a small splash damage radius and arc
* Camera can zoom in very close
* Saruman has knock back properties and splash damage with his normal attacks
* Lurtz's carnage ability has a larger splash damage radius
* Gimli's slayer ability has a larger radius on both the knock back and splash damage
* All splash damage affects neutral objects like wild animals and destructible scenery
* Some knock back distances have been tweaked

Updates with version 1.1

* Minimum zoom distance has been adjusted to prevent clipping through calvary and heroes on horses
* wild Warg standing death glitch has been fixed
* wild warg do not stand still for an obnoxiously long period of time after standing up from being knockdown
* Gollum making noises after death has been fixed (sort of, sometimes he still makes noises but it is faint when he does)

Updates with version 1.2

*Saruman has stronger armor
* Saruman has an electrical effect when he attacks
*Wichking leadership affects nazgul, and nazguls have thier own leadership that help each other and the witch king. Also the nazgul/witch king have an increased heal rate when they are in a group
*The delay between attacks and the melee attack ranges have been reduced for some heroes and units to make the battles look more natural
*Elves, soldiers of rhun and tower guards have been buffed offensively to be more like elite units
*Elves, soldiers of rhun, and tower guards are direct counters to each other

Updates with version 1.3-1.35
*Haradrim/Easterling combo hordes
*New Hero abilities
*Unit balancing adjusted
*Units dropped by air units kill those underneath
*Particle system tweaks
*Mumakil flaming rampage is back
*Hobbits can ride on hero horses (except for Eowyn)
*Orcs formations have more variety
*Evil faction level up effects are red
*Gollum can level up
*Arrows are physical objects
*Evil faction arrow impact effect is black
*Haradrim spear impact is the actual spear
*Eagles crash land when killed
*Many extra features I might not have put here
*Complete campaign compatibility
*Various bug fixes

*weather acts independently and does not stack anymore

*Removed files that cases crashes

This mod incorporates codes that are not my own

* Unit movement issues fixed
* HD skins (on high graphics)
* Armor, experience and other problems fixed
* Units can now guard each other and buildings with "U" as the abilities hotkey
* Haradrim have two skins that are randomly chosen (on high graphics)
* Cut audio clips have been reinstated
* AI has been enhanced
* White is now a player color
* Game can be played without CD
* Intros are skipped automatically
* Resting cursor on units shows the color of the faction they belong to

Unlike patch 1.05 and 1.06

* no zoom out feature
* lumber mills can set rally points
* no new maps (may change in future)

Possible issues with the mod

*Bodies may not sink all the way before disappearing when on uneven slopes(Inform me if this occurs as I have spent countless hours making sure the bodies finish sinking before disappearing but I may not have optimized this for all of the units)

* Calvary and siege tower bodies on uneven slopes like hill sides will sometimes wobble around until sinking

* Zooming in too close will see through some units or buildings

* You can have multiple Merrys, Pippins, and Smeagols if you construct them before thier initial corpse disappears

* AI sometimes have troubles defeating goblin lairs

* AI will use war chant or related powers on deceased troops (doesn't happen that often)

* Units may become cluttered in one area if cramped

*eagles bodies may (rarely) bug out and pretend to be alive even when dead, but it has no affect besides looking annoying

*Gimli and Boromir last stand makes it so enemies do not gain experience from thier defeats

*Sometimes when haradrim and easterling formations fuse, the haradrim walk in place until another command is given

*evil forces dead bodies glow during darkness

The most drastic changes will be released in the 1.3 patch of the Immersive Middle Earth mod. These changes may include the following

*May add new maps

*Hobbits can ride on horses with Eomer, Faramir, and Gandalf (finished)

*Correcting bad programming of certain units that do not behave properly like banner carriers (In progress)

*Orc and Easterlings Banner carrier actually physically attack instead of using invisible mind attacks (finished)

*Partical effects are more consistent across units (finished)

*Evil Faction héros and buildings don't use the sissy good guy blue colors when leveling up.... they use red now!!! (Finished)

*Make the AI more intelligent and more adept at dealing with lairs, especially goblins (In progress)

*Slight changes to unit balancing, armor of basic infantry slightly nerfed so that elite soldiers won't do less damage then basic infantry (mostly finished)

* Units dropped by flying creatures will do damage to the units they fall on (Finished)

* Bringing back mumakil rampage behaviors (In progress)

* Allowing Haradrim and Easterlings to combine formations, this combo horde can now ride on mumakil too (finished)

* Giving Saruman and Boromir a level 10 summon ability (work in progress at the moment, more concerned with making appropriate but simple special affects)

* Giving support heroes slight heal rate buffs and other miscellaneous things to allied heroes (In progress)

*improving Smeagol (Mostly finished, but he is still garbage tier)

*nerfing goblin lairs (I made them op so I have to balance them)

*Adding a few campaign and cinematic units into skirmish (Mostly Finished)

Possible Issues when 1.03 comes out

*Units killed when a faction is eliminated will kill units physically touching them (a result of the unit drop programming)

*Some death weapons may be effected by some the unit fall death, but some have been adjusted

*Certain campaign exclusive models will not change colors to match faction in skirmish

*Hobbits loose shadows when getting off another heroes horse, using cloak will add it back though

*Units do not gain experience for killing Boromir and Gimli when last stand is active

* Eagles may not die properly and may claw the ground until they disappear

Credit to:
THORONGlL of BFME patch 1.05 related codes

For BFME patch 1.06 codes
ICT - Map Editing, Coding Echo - Map Editing, Coding Rider of Rohan - Coding, HD Patch Artist Mathijs - HD Patch Artist, Map Editing

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