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Units Dropped by flying units cause damage

Tutorial for Battle for Middle-earth BFME

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Category: Code
Level: Beginner
Created: Monday November 2, 2015 - 23:41
Updated: Sunday June 10, 2018 - 3:49
Views: 5870
Summary: How to program a functional death weapon that allows falling units to injure those underneath them


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Have you ever played bfme and watched nazgul and eagles drop helpless individuals on top of other people or buildings and been disappointed that nothing happened? Now there Is a way to make it possible for something quite comical to occur. This may can work with BFME 2 and onwards but there probably will be a little more complications with the death weapons for certain spearman.

Basically there are several steps to making this work

1. Open of the data\iniweapon.ini
2. Find Weapon RohanEntDeath
3. Copy the weapon and paste directly underneath it
4. Rename to something else (I named mine UnitFallDeath)

From Here, you can change a few things:

Radius Damage effects: Basically who does the weapon hurt, allies, enemies, neutrals etc.

Damage Nugget
Damage: Whatever you want the weapon to deal
Radius: How far does the weapon spread out, around 10-15 looks natural, anything above and the air next to fallen units does damage
Delay time: Set to zero so the weapon activates as soon as the unit dies
Damagetype: Change to whatever you want
Deathtype: set to CRUSHED

5. Change all the other weapon's death types that say NORMAL to CRUSHED (the is the time consuming part make sure not to change the names of attacks that have normal in the name)
6. Find the Haradrim Crushed death weapon and reduce the attack range substantially (like to 0) and make it so it only affects enemies and neutrals
7. Add the following to every unit under the engineering section that can be grabbed and dropped by flying units

Behavior = FireWeaponWhenDeadBehavior FireDeadTag
DeathTypes = NONE +NORMAL
StartsActive = Yes
DelayTime = 0
DeathWeapon = (what you named it, for me UnitFallDeath)
WeaonOffset = X:0 Y:0 Z:0

Optional (meta Impact nugget)
You can play around with this to allow for knock back, setting Shockwave among to 0 will negate this
Heroresist: how resistant a hero is to being knock backed
shockwave amount: how far a unit is sent flying
shockwaveradius: how far the knickknack zone extends
shockwavetaperoff: is how much is the knoclback effect reduced when a unit is towards the edge of the AOE

Optional (DamageScalar)
You can add this if you want so dropped units deal more damage to buildings or siege weapons or whatever you like

If a unit dies a NORMAL death via physics or any other non weapon based death, then the death weapon kicks in and can hurt or kill others. For example, eliminating a faction will activate the death weapon to all those who weren't killed in combat.

Further notes
If you can figure out how to change the physics system so the death type is not NORMAL, then you would't have to change all the weapon death types to normal. Also, one can make multiple death weapons to accommodate for the different sizes for units (for me I made a calvary version that had a slightly larger area of effect)

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