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Skybox and Cine objects

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Category: Worldbuilder
Level: Intermediate
Created: Tuesday June 12, 2007 - 21:54
Updated: Monday March 23, 2009 - 22:26
Views: 6615
Summary: How to get them to work for your maps


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This article is meant to explain the steps required to get skybox and cine objects to work properly in-game. These objects can be used to create much more unique and dynamic looking maps and allows many more opportunities to explore. First though, a brief summary of what these objects are:

Cine Objects - Ever wonder how EA has all these unique objects in their cinematic scenes? They're actually all in the game and they can be used to decorate your map with some truly unique objects. These can range from units with unique animations all the way to cool looking particle system objects.

Skyboxes - If you ever changed the pitch angle on your camera so it's view is more horizontal, you'll notice that there is a black sky. Skyboxes are dome-shaped objects that are placed around the edges of the map to create realistic looking skies for your map. They can be used for both cinematic scenes and skirmish battles, and have many different types of sky txtures.

What you will need for this article:
Worldbuilder - provided by EA

Tutorial Layout:
Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Map.ini users: Steps 1-4
Page 3 - Map.ini users: Steps 5-8
Page 4 - Mod users: Steps 1-3
Page 5 - Mod users: Steps 4-5

NOTE: In order to benefit and understand this article, you must know how to create your own map and have the game successfully run it. Also, general knowledge of Worldbuilder and how to create scripts is also necessary for this to work properly. Please refer to other articles if you do not yet understand these things.


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DeeZire - Wednesday November 18, 2009 - 1:19

Why go to all the hassle of moving objects about etc when all you should do is change the path to them in SubSystemLegend.INI? The ThingTemplateStore explicitly indicates that the objects in the cinematics path are for cinematics only, so you just change that indicator to InitPath = Data\INI\Object\Cinematic\ instead of IncludePathCinematics = Data\INI\Object\Cinematic\ and the game will use them the same as any other object...

Masterbadeend - Saturday April 18, 2009 - 8:37

Good Tutorial ;)

melkor777 - Saturday April 11, 2009 - 13:15

cool 5 stars

Sulherokhh (Team Chamber Member) - Saturday July 7, 2007 - 2:21

Thanks Rob! :) Nice and easy! hehe.

{IP}Sauron - Wednesday June 27, 2007 - 6:15

@Ed Of The 3rd Kind:

Tried re-installing?

Ed Of The 3rd Kind - Monday June 25, 2007 - 17:02

hi there, unfortunately am having trouble with this tutorial, have gotten all the ways to the end without hassle and even saved the modded files in a big archive under the letter "A" and when i try to play the game the splash screen appears but it doesn't go any further, i'm playing ROTWK

{IP}Sauron - Thursday June 14, 2007 - 10:26

awesome tutorial :P

Rob38 (Team Chamber Member) - Wednesday June 13, 2007 - 19:13

Whoops! forgot about that. Fixed.

Bart (Administrator) - Wednesday June 13, 2007 - 11:42

You should add code tags. Good tutorial otherwise :)

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