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Adding new music into the game

Tutorial for Battle for Middle-earth BFME, Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2, Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king ROTWK

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Category: Other
Level: Intermediate
Created: Wednesday September 2, 2009 - 14:09
Updated: Wednesday November 4, 2009 - 14:51
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Summary: How to add new music files into the game


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This page: Music track adding/replacement.
Next page: Multisounds (BFME2/RotWK)

Looking around the site recently I noticed no tutorial existed for adding a new music track to the game. Having done this (it's really quite simple) I decided to write this up into a tutorial.

For this tutorial you will need:
-A basic understanding of FinalBIG and INI files.
-FinalBIG so you can extract the INI files (Specifically music.ini).
-A music track in MP3 format that you wish to add to your mod.

Adding your own music into the game isn't actually very hard. First you need to extract your INI.big file if you haven't already. I won't go into detail about how to do that here. Once you have your mod folder set up (if it's a new mod it will consist of \data\ini\ and all subfolders) you need to create the folder for the music.

Create a folder in data called audio. Inside that folder create a new folder called tracks. Move your MP3 into data\audio\tracks. Make sure the filename does not have spaces. There is no need to compile an asset.dat for the music.

Then open data\ini\music.ini with a text editor. You should see code similar to:
MusicTrack Shell
Filename = ActionEdit03.mp3
Volume = 55

I'll run through that line by line:
MusicTrack Shell: The name of the MusicTrack.
Filename = ActionEdit03.mp3: The MP3 file to play (either in data\audio\tracks or Music.big)
Volume = 55: The volume of the track.

To change a preexisting music track simply replace the filename with your MP3 file. For example, I'm going to replace the score screen music with a new file I have named victory.mp3. My new code would look like this:
MusicTrack ScoreScreenMusic
Filename = victory.mp3
Volume = 45

Now if I run my mod using the new music.ini (and making sure the MP3 is in the right place) the game will play my custom music instead of the old track.

And that's it! That's all you need to do to add a new music track into the game.

One thing to keep in mind if you decide to change the shell (main menu) music: You have to change both the Shell and ShellLowLOD tracks or it will only affect some detail settings. (Shell affects Medium and above; ShellLowLOD affects Low and Very Low.)

BFME2/RotWK Multisounds are on the next page.


SulherokhhBFME/RotWK Multisounds (Page 2)


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Sulherokhh (Team Chamber Member) - Sunday October 4, 2009 - 15:21

Hi {AE}Manveru! You could add the following expanding lines (if you like) and also ad the 'BfMe2' and 'RotWK' tags to your tutorial:

BfMe2 provides another feature, the Multisound. You can add several tracks with different 'weights' and a control line. Here is an Example:

Multisound BaseBuildingElvenMusic
Control = PLAY_ONE
Subsounds = BaGood02 BaGood05 BaGood09 BaGood12 BaGood34
Subsounds = BaGood04 BaGood07 BaGood08 BaGood10 BaGood11 BaGood14 BaGood15 BaGood16 BaGood17 BaGood18
Subsounds = BaGood30 BaGood31 BaGood32 BaGood33 BaGood35 BaGood36 BaGood38 BaGood39 BaGood41
Subsounds = R_BbGood113                                                        ;panflute theme
Subsounds = R_BbGood101 R_BbGood106 R_BbGood107 R_BbGood110 R_BbGood111 R_BbGood112 R_BbGood118

The new multisounds are referenced in exactly the same place as the 'single' tracks from BfMe1; in the 'music'-library (accessible by WorldBuilder).
For BfMe2 and RotWK you don't actually need to access the library to add your new track.
Just add your newly defined track to one of the following Multisounds as a 'Subsound':

--- for Menu music ---
Multisound Credits
Multisound Shell
Multisound ShellLowLOD
Multisound Shell2Music
Multisound Shell2MusicForLoadScreen
Multisound LivingWorldMusic

--- for Faction specific game music (this is Elves, the other factions have their own Multisounds) ---
Multisound BaseBuildingElvenMusic
Multisound ExploreElvenMusic
Multisound Explore2ElvenMusic

--- for good&evil specific battle music ---

Multisound ActionGoodMusic
Multisound TriumphalGoodMusic
Multisound ActionEvilMusic
Multisound TriumphalEvilMusic

Valaquenta10 - Tuesday September 22, 2009 - 14:58

Good job. I was thinking to write a tutorial about music for my friend , instead I'll give him this .

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