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How to make any building make units

Tutorial for Battle for Middle-earth BFME, Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2

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Category: Code
Level: Beginner
Created: Saturday September 11, 2010 - 14:46
Updated: Sunday September 19, 2010 - 19:45
Views: 8857
Summary: Guide to make any building have the ability to build units


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This is a guide that tells how to make any building able to build units.
BACK-STORY: I was reading the forums once when I noticed that Nazgul, a modding icon, was having trouble adding dwarven miners to the build-able units of the mine. His problem was that he didn't know about the "QueueProductionExitUpdate ModuleTag_Exit" code. It makes it that your building can create units at a certain spot around it.

Now for the steps to make the dwarven mine have the ability to make some unit. (I will use guardians)

STEP ONE: Open object/goodfaction/structure/farminterface.ini
This is the object that the Rohan and Gondor factions use as their base.
Go to line #292-296 and copy the entire block:

    Behavior = QueueProductionExitUpdate ModuleTag_Exit
        UnitCreatePoint = X: 20.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        NaturalRallyPoint = X:-60.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        ExitDelay = 350

STEP TWO:Open "object/goodfaction/structure/dwarven/dwarvenmineshaft.ini"
Paste the "Behavior = Queue..." block of code at line between the "TunnelContain" and the "BuildingBehavior" Behaviors. It should look like this:

    Behavior = TunnelContain ModuleTag_Contain
        ObjectStatusOfContained            = UNSELECTABLE ENCLOSED
        ContainMax         = 5
        DamagePercentToUnits         = 0%
        PassengerFilter                = ANY +INFANTRY +BANNER +CAVALRY -MONSTER -SUMMONED -COMBO_HORDE
        AllowEnemiesInside            = No
        AllowAlliesInside            = No
        AllowNeutralInside            = No
        AllowOwnPlayerInsideOverride        = Yes
        NumberOfExitPaths         = 1    // Defaults to 1. Set 0 to not use ExitStart/ExitEnd, set higher than 1 to use            ExitStart01-nn/ExitEnd01-nn
        PassengerBonePrefix         = PassengerBone:ARROW_ KindOf:INFANTRY
        EntryPosition                = X:0.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        EntryOffset                = X:80.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        ExitOffset                = X:100.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        EnterSound                = RuinedTowerEnterSound
        KillPassengersOnDeath            = No
        ShowPips                = No
        ExitDelay                = 0

    Behavior = QueueProductionExitUpdate ModuleTag_Exit
        UnitCreatePoint = X: 20.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        NaturalRallyPoint = X:-60.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        ExitDelay = 350
    Behavior = BuildingBehavior BuildingModuleTag

STEP THREE: Change the "UniCreatePoint" to have the "X:" value of 0.0 and the "NaturalRallyPoint" "X:" value to 100.0.
It would look like:

    Behavior = QueueProductionExitUpdate ModuleTag_Exit
        UnitCreatePoint = X: 0.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        NaturalRallyPoint = X:100.0 Y:0.0 Z:0.0
        ExitDelay = 350

STEP FOUR: Change the DwarvenMineShaftCommandSet to look like this (if you want to build guardians on it):

CommandSet DwarvenMineShaftCommandSet
1 = Command_ExitGarrison
2 = Command_ExitGarrison
3 = Command_ExitGarrison
4 = Command_ExitGarrison
5 = Command_ExitGarrison
6 = Command_Sell
7 = Command_ConstructDwarvenGuardianHorde

Now go in-game and test out the guardian building feature... It SHOULD work (it worked for me)

Happy Modding,

If you have any questions, comment on this article.


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clank234 - Monday November 15, 2010 - 13:21

It works except 1 thing, the guardians cant be upgraded and they they come as 10 single units.
Keep up the gd work ;)

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