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The Power of the DoCommandUpgrade Behavior

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Category: Code
Level: Beginner
Created: Tuesday December 14, 2010 - 11:57
Updated: Thursday November 3, 2016 - 17:53
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Summary: A neat behavior that is will show you


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You can use the docommandupgrade to do a neat trick with toggle weapons.

When a Hero/CAH/Unit Is built you can have him start with as he has just toggled weapon!

This is what the CAH Archer class uses so it starts with a Bow out instead of a sword...

Behavior = DoCommandUpgrade ModuleTag_CreateAHeroMakeSureArcherUsesBowInitially
TriggeredBy                        = Upgrade_CreateAHero_ClassArcher
GetUpgradeCommandButtonName        = Command_CreateAHero_A_ToggleWeapon
RemoveUpgradeCommandButtonName    = Command_CreateAHero_A_ToggleWeapon

what this Code is saying is that if if you are using the CAH class archer:
we want you to put the toggle button on the commandset if its not already there and do the toggle once and then take it of the commandset, unless it was already there.

(the character starts with a sword so if you removed the code createahero.ini he/she would start with a sword instead)


If you were using this on say...faramir then it might look like this

Behavior = DoCommandUpgrade ModuleTag_UseSwordInitially
TriggeredBy = Upgrade_StartWithSword
GetUpgradeCommandButtonName = Command_ToggleFaramirWeapon

(MUST put Upgrade_StartWithSword in the Proper Experience Level and define it in upgrade.ini, it dosent have to be Upgrade_StartWithSword it can be anything you want)
Basically This Code is Saying that when he is built he will automatcally toggle weapon once.

You still With Me???

Now... say you took the toggleweapon command off of faramir's commandset but you wanted to have him start with a sword (starts with bow by default)
you would need to add this line in the docommandupgrade behavior:

RemoveUpgradeCommandButtonName    = Command_ToggleFaramirWeapon

so it would look like this:

Behavior = DoCommandUpgrade ModuleTag_UseSwordInitially
TriggeredBy = Upgrade_StartWithSword
GetUpgradeCommandButtonName = Command_ToggleFaramirWeapon
RemoveUpgradeCommandButtonName    = Command_ToggleFaramirWeapon

you could also just put the toggle weapon in the commandset assinged to a button number that is 7+


CommandSet GondorFaramirCommandSet
1 = Command_ToggleStance
2 = Command_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ; <<<command that replaces toggle weapon goes here
3 = Command_SpecialAbilityWoundArrow
4 = Command_ToggleMounted
5 = Command_FaramirFakeLeadershipButton
6 = Command_SpecialAbilityCaptainOfGondor
7 = Command_ToggleFaramirWeapon ; <<<<<toggle weapon goes in slot 7+ therefore does not appear in palantir
12 = Command_CaptureBuilding
13 = Command_AttackMove
14 = Command_Stop
16 = Command_SetStanceBattle
17 = Command_SetStanceAggressive
18 = Command_SetStanceHoldGround

if you did it like this you would not need the line:

RemoveUpgradeCommandButtonName    = Command_ToggleFaramirWeapon

That's it for toggle weapon!
the next page is shorter

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modboy451 - Thursday December 16, 2010 - 8:31

Yes, im sure there are other uses

clank234 - Thursday December 16, 2010 - 5:39

so this teaches you how to use a power straight away without cicking it???

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