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Simple BFME1 Mod

Simple BFME1 Mod

A very simple BFME1 mod with a few changes and balances

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Creating an asset.dat using EA's AssetCacheBuilder

Tutorial for Battle for Middle-earth BFME, Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2, Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king ROTWK

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Category: Graphics
Level: Beginner
Created: Friday May 15, 2015 - 17:04
Updated: Saturday May 16, 2015 - 15:10
Views: 4818
Summary: A method to create your asset.dat using the asset builder that is provided in EA's BFME mod SDK


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Here I will explain the difference in the method for BFME2 and RotWK! It isn't much, just a few folder changes, and a change to the shortcut!


First off, if you have ever extracted BFME2 or RotWK art files, you will notice that instead of using a default "textures" folder, all the default unit/hero/building textures get sub-directed into the "compiledtextures" folder based on their first two characters of the file name. (characters being any letter or number) See here for an example:

User image

See how each folder is a simple two number/letter filename? Those two characters mean the first two characters of your designated model name when you export it. So, going back to the model name I exported on the previous page; rugaladhrim_skn. The folder I would have to put it into if I were to be making the model for BFME2 or RotWK would HAVE to be the 'ru' folder. First two characters, you see?


Now, you can use the same AssetCacheBuilder.exe for BFME2 and RotWK to create an asset.dat, however there is a problem. the AssetCacheBuilder.exe will fail by default because surprisingly (not) EA didn't build it to understand BFME2 and RotWK's file settings. And thus, using it normally will result in failure..

However, one of the brilliant minds of T3A/Revora figured out why.

As it turns out, the "compiledtextures" folder is not recognized by the AssetCacheBuilder.exe for BFME2 and RotWK because it is only looking for the 'w3d' and 'textures' folder, just like BFME1. But of course in BFME2 and RotWK the 'textures' folder is mostly empty. All the unit/building/hero textures are in compiledtextures instead.

Lauri created a very simple method to fix this, a method that I personally have been using for all BFME2 and RotWK mods for years.

Henceforth known as the "make asset method".


In your main mod directory (since it's easiest) create a new text document. Type in these EXACT settings.
Then, once you are 100% sure they are exact, save it as makeasset.bat

It MUST be a .bat file.

User image

Now you can double click the makeasset.bat file, which will automatically change your folder names back and forth and then execute the AssetCacheBuilder.exe to build you a perfect asset.dat for BFME2 and RotWK.

Note: Normally when you add new art, be it models or textures, they will rapidly show up immediately after "Scanning for new/changed files"

User image

After it finishes, you will have your new asset.dat!

But! As I stated before, the BFME2 and RotWK method is a bit different.
To use the -mod command for BFME2 and RotWK you do NOT need to use FinalBIG and you do NOT need to make a .big file for your mod.

Have everything set up in a folder anywhere you would like (desktop or your Local Disk (C:) is the easiest).

Then when you create a new shortcut to run your mod, instead of using the -mod command to reference a .big file like BFME1 uses. Instead you will use the folder where all your mod files are. BFME2 and RotWK is better in that aspect, because you don't need to recompile your mod each and every time into a .big file. You only need to make changes in your mod folder, then relaunch the game using your shortcut to see the changes in action.

Here is an example of the BFME2/RotWK basic -mod command in a shortcut.

User image


With these changes, you should be able to use the AssetCacheBuilder.exe to much ease to rapidly and effectively input your custom assets into all three of the games.

The Battle for Middle-earth

The Battle for Middle-earth II


The Battle for Middle-earth II: the Rise of the Witch King.


If I have left anything out, or if there is anything that is not clear, please send me a private message on Revora Forums. My name on the Forums is also Kwen.

Thank you for your continuing love for this game.

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LauriMind behind the "makeasset.bat" method.

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