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How To Make The AI Build Pre-Upgraded Units

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Category: Code
Level: Beginner
Created: Thursday June 2, 2016 - 1:58
Updated: Thursday June 2, 2016 - 4:17
Views: 7453
Summary: A quick and simple way to increase the difficulty of the AI.


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First, you'll need to open your "upgrade.ini" file, and add a simple generic upgrade like this:

Upgrade Upgrade_GenericUpgrade1
    Type = OBJECT

Now for this tutorial, I'll make the Gondor soldiers have their upgrades. I shouldn't need to edit the individual unit's file. And in other cases I wouldn't. But for some silly reason, EA decided to code the Forged Blades WeaponSetUpgrade differently for the Gondor soldiers, than any other unit in the game.

First, open up the code for the "GondorFighter". This is the code for the individual soldier. Then search for this bit:

Behavior = WeaponSetUpgrade WeaponSetUpgradeModuleTag
        TriggeredBy = Upgrade_GondorForgedBlades Upgrade_TechnologyGondorForgedBlades
        RequiresAllTriggers = Yes

Now remove the "Upgrade_TechnologyGondorForgedBlades". Then remove the line that starts with "RequiresAllTriggers".
It should look like this:

    Behavior = WeaponSetUpgrade WeaponSetUpgradeModuleTag
        TriggeredBy = Upgrade_GondorForgedBlades

Now they're ready for the upgrade code. You won't have to do that part with any other unit, like I said they were coded uniquely different than any other unit.

In this next part, you need to open the Gondor soldier's horde code. The object name is "GondorFighterHorde". Then for simplicity's sake, scroll down until you find code like this:

    Behavior = StatusBitsUpgrade ModuleTag_ProductionLegality2
        TriggeredBy = Upgrade_GondorHeavyArmor Upgrade_TechnologyGondorHeavyArmor
        RequiresAllTriggers = Yes

You don't need to change anything there, in fact you shouldn't. But directly below that, copy and paste in this code:

    Behavior = ObjectCreationUpgrade ModuleTag_HardAICheat1
        TriggeredBy        = Upgrade_HardAIMultiPlayer
        Delay            = 8.0
        GrantUpgrade    = Upgrade_GenericUpgrade1
    Behavior = LevelUpUpgrade ModuleTag_HardAIJumpstart
        TriggeredBy = Upgrade_GenericUpgrade1
        LevelsToGain = 4
        LevelCap = 5
    Behavior = ObjectCreationUpgrade ModuleTag_HardAICheat2
        TriggeredBy        = Upgrade_GenericUpgrade1
        Delay            = 2.0
        GrantUpgrade    = Upgrade_GondorHeavyArmor
    Behavior = ObjectCreationUpgrade ModuleTag_HardAICheat3
        TriggeredBy        = Upgrade_GenericUpgrade1
        Delay            = 4.0
        GrantUpgrade    = Upgrade_GondorForgedBlades

And with that, you're effectively done. With this specific code, the Gondor soldiers will come to life at Rank 5 with Forged Blades and Heavy Armor. Obviously if you wanted them to be rank 10 instead, then you would just change "LevelsToGain" to 9, and "LevelCap" to 10.

Also, if you're editing some other unit, like "Yeoman Archers", I shouldn't have to tell you that you'll need to change the faction specific upgrades that are being granted in this code. You would want "Upgrade_RohanFireArrows", and "Upgrade_RohanHeavyArmor" for them, instead.

I guess I should explain the purpose for the "Delay" lines. The first one is an 8 second delay. It's good to have that so that each soldier has a chance to get out of the Barracks before they rank up. Otherwise you would have a Banner Carrier appear outside the building before the first guy even gets out. It looks silly, and may cause bugs. Keep in mind, larger hordes may need a longer delay.

Now the next two delays are purely for cosmetics. Without those two, the unit would get all of its upgrades at once. Instead, we get Heavy Armor 2 seconds after ranking up. Then we get our Forged Blades 2 seconds after that. It's just nicer to look at.

On the next page I'll show how to make these soldiers come out of the Barracks fully upgraded for everyone, and not just the Hard AI.

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