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The Mysterious Porter

Tutorial for Battle for Middle-earth BFME, Battle for Middle-earth II BFME 2, Battle for Middle-earth II: Rise of the Witch-king ROTWK

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Category: Code
Level: Intermediate
Created: Thursday December 16, 2010 - 13:09
Updated: Friday January 7, 2011 - 7:10
Views: 4950
Summary: Learn how a porter can give upgrades to units and/or hordes.


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see that line?
#define UNPACK_TIME 700

make sure it won't be needed, replace all UNPACK_TIME with 700

in the porter.ini go to "GondorPorterInterface" and then "to Sub object revealing.".


    Behavior = SubObjectsUpgrade Armor_Upgrade        ;<- make one for each upgrade you want to use, if you don't then all of the back stuff will appaer
        TriggeredBy        = Upgrade_GondorHeavyArmor ;<- wich upgrade tiger the change
        ShowSubObjects    = ARMOR        ;<- what to show at the back
        HideSubObjects    = BANNERS BOWS BRAZIER SWORDS TREBUCHET_FIRE BANNERS SHIELDS COAL FireArowTip Forged_Blade ;<- what to hide at the back
        SkipFadeOnCreate = Yes

we have a lot of backback:
BANNERS <- banner carrier took that place, but you can give it back :P
SWORDS Forged_Blade    <-Forged Blades
BOWS <- Rohirim Bows, Deezire used it for all rohan archer unit and droped the flaming arrows
BRAZIER FireArowTip <- Flaming Arrows
ARMOR <- Heavy Armor
SHIELDS <- Knigth Shields

Make yourself new porters:


;-----------HeavyArmorPorter --------

ChildObject GondorHeavyArmorPorter GondorPorterInterface ;<- so no need to reanim
    DisplayName = OBJECT:GondorPorterHeavyArmor
    Behavior = GrantUpgradeCreate ModuleTag_GrantUpdateCreate
        UpgradeToGrant = Upgrade_GondorHeavyArmor ;<- give it a valid upgrade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ; *** AUDIO Parameters ***; ;<- the unused good sounds we wanted hear in the game :P

    ;VoiceAmbushed            =
    VoiceCreated            = PorterHeavyArmorVoiceReady
    VoiceFullyCreated         = PorterHeavyArmorVoiceReady
    VoiceFear             = PorterGenericVoiceHelpMe
    VoiceMove            = PorterGenericVoiceMove
    VoiceMoveToCamp            = PorterGenericVoiceMove
    VoicePriority            = 6
    VoiceSelect            = PorterHeavyArmorVoiceSelect

    SoundImpact            = ImpactHorse

    EvaEventDamagedOwner = PorterUnderAttack
    EvaEventDieOwner = PorterGondorDie        

    Behavior = SpecialPowerModule ModuleTag_09
        SpecialPowerTemplate        = SpecialAbilityGiveUpgrade
        UpdateModuleStartsAttack    = Yes
        InitiateSound            = PorterHeavyArmorVoiceDeliver ;<- when delivered

    Behavior = GiveUpgradeUpdate ModuleTag_UpgradeNearestUpdate
        SpecialPowerTemplate    = SpecialAbilityGiveUpgradeNearest
        StartAbilityRange    = 15.0
        UnpackTime        = 700
        PreparationTime        = 100
        PersistentPrepTime    = 500
        PackTime        = 233
        ApproachRequiresLOS    = No
        DeliverUpgrade        = Yes
        FadeOutSpeed        = 0.1
        SpawnOutFX        = FX_PorterDeliverHeavyArmor ;<- when delivered

    Behavior = GiveUpgradeUpdate ModuleTag_11
        SpecialPowerTemplate    = SpecialAbilityGiveUpgrade
        StartAbilityRange    = 15.0
        UnpackTime        = 700
        PreparationTime        = 100
        PersistentPrepTime    = 500
        PackTime        = 233
        ApproachRequiresLOS    = No
        FadeOutSpeed        = 0.1
        SpawnOutFX        = FX_PorterDeliverHeavyArmor ;<- when delivered

Enjoy the porters


Rob38Posting article on T3A site


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clank234 - Monday December 20, 2010 - 3:39

I gave it a 2 but if you explain what you're editing then i will change my mind. I can use this code as the game does most of the work for you.

modboy451 - Thursday December 16, 2010 - 16:29

Please say what this tutorial is getting at!!!
it was confusing for me 2 figure out
so im guessing this lets you build a porter that can grant an upgrade on units???

Elrond99 - Thursday December 16, 2010 - 14:57

Nice finding, although it´s not new to me, I believe it could help many people and I like to see those porters being used

But you could expand it a little more, think of every time the porter delivers an upgrade it costs a certain amount of money, or similar things, just for the sake of completeness :-)

Anyway, I´ll give you a 4 for this article

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