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Binding Human Models - The Ultimate Guide

Avatar of Rob38


Category: Graphics
Level: Beginner
Created: Friday November 14, 2008 - 22:32
Updated: Sunday March 20, 2011 - 13:18
Views: 23688
Summary: Describes in-depth each step to bind a model correctly


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This tutorial goes in-depth on the binding process of human models. Starting from the basic setup and going all the way to the final export settings, any problems you had with binding should now be resolved. With 30 detailed steps and 23 reference pictures, this is truly the ultimate guide to binding models in BFME :)

Materials you need:
* Renx or some other modeling software like 3ds max
* W3D Viewer

Tutorial Layout:
Page 1 - Introduction
Page 2 - Definitions and Skeleton Diagram
Page 3 - Model Setup(Steps 1-6)
Page 4 - WWSkin and Bone Selection (7-10)
Page 5 - Spacewarp and Export Test (11-13)
Page 6 - W3D Viewer Testing (14-18)
Page 7 - Human Binding (19)
Page 8 - Cape Setup and Binding (20-23)
Page 9 - Accessories Binding (24-27)
Page 10 - BOUNDINGBOX Settings (28-30)
Page 11 - Conclusion

Note: This article assumes you have a basic undestanding on how Renx and W3D Viewer work. If you don't know how to import models in Renx, apply skins to models, or do some basic editing, than please review other tutorials before reading this one.

Note: I will be using Renx in this tutorial but this should also apply to 3ds max users as well ;)

Note: Make sure to save often in Renx as it's known to crash randomly at times!


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Ridder Blauw - Monday February 9, 2009 - 11:37

The tutorial is great but, most elven units seem to have 2 spines instead of a rib...

Rob38 (Team Chamber Member) - Tuesday January 13, 2009 - 15:24

Ughhh... Windows Vista always causes problems for people. I myself have XP so I don't know if I can help you with this. Try asking this question in the forums and you should get an answer.

pjh191 - Tuesday January 13, 2009 - 11:56

ah i could really do with some help
i understand all this stuff but i can't seem to find the files i need to extract with the w3d software, where abouts would the files be stored on my computer? (i have windows vista)
Any help would be appreciated

Sulherokhh (Team Chamber Member) - Tuesday December 9, 2008 - 13:27

Just beautiful. Thank you Rob.

Lurtzy - Tuesday December 2, 2008 - 13:36

Very awesome tutorial Rob38! But I would really like to see a tutorial on how to bind a troll........

Rob38 (Team Chamber Member) - Saturday November 29, 2008 - 2:35

Ah, thank you for reminding me about the CLAV bones! I was going to mention something about them but forgot. Essentially, I did not like how it looked when those bones were binded on the model so I just skipped them altogether. They're really the only bone type that is hit and miss. Sometimes they look good on models but other times they don't look so good. Will add this to the tutorial.

m@tt (Team Chamber Member) - Friday November 28, 2008 - 12:09

Great tut Rob, has helped me a lot :)

Btw, should the B_CLAVL and B_CLAVR be used for anything? And what are they?

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